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*(Dr) (Rev) Leslie Moore, ND Yoga, Metaphysician

*(Dr) (Rev) Leslie Moore, Metaphysician
*Yogaphysician, ND Life Coach, (legal MI) Wedding Minister, On-Call Services.

Available upon request. Online Rates and local schedules do vary.

Depts: LDM Holistic Yoga School, Insatiable Film Studio
HQ: The Headquarters
Joint/Corp: Mia J. Resorts
Lecture Topics: Medical Yoga and Tantra Yoga

Teaching Preferences:
-Online Teaching-

Mission Statement:
We are a Combination of Secular and Non Secular Degrees and Experiences.
A combination of Traditional College Transcripts and CEU Professional Certifications.

Job Functions 2005-Present: General Holistic Wellness, Holistic life Counseling and Coach, Metaphysical Psychology, Metaphysical Space Studies, Metaphysical Counseling, Metaphysical Wealth Building, Metaphysical Core Engineering, Yoga Pilates, and Yoga Therapy/Medical Yoga.~

New Projects: Under Development, All Salaries are hosted under LDM Mia Corp.

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