Feb 2021 Note//Digital Currency and Home Office:

1. I feel Online Income, tips, and donations are still surreal. I think the pandemic has sped up the upgrading progress. So Unless you tip for Youtube hosts, Radio Stations, Podcasts, FB BDays, or Secondlife, Tips are unheard of formerly unsafe. Our Biz use to appear free or zero income during our podcast years. Even for that timeline we taught audios in Learn Out Loud and Life Coaching. 

2. Its an adjustment from physical money to digital. Digital Currency is still in transition and tech growth. This started slow over the 2 decades. Just imagine how this Pandemic introduces a futuristic side of economy. Its been so easy to tag individuals as unsuccessfully being online. The most annoying and backwards coping method vs learning modern technology. 

3. Now Unless you are high social, an influencer, a college student, or self employed; honestly digital is new. This became mandatory during Convid-19. A sad revolution for all involved. This progress involves closed businesses, lockdowns, and isolated careers. Also the virtual Office, 3D, and Computerized Gaming are considered advanced and very similar. 

4. In short, I own 2-businesses fused together. Both are for profit only, however; we qualify for church non-profit forms. Using All profit creates simple accounting over the decade. By department we are (on-call) Church, Chapel, Coach, and related services.

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Experience meets (3D) Virtual Reality. Beyond Amazon Kindle. Accepting Global/Forex Currency. Invoice Short-cut: For Tip Jar, installment plans, Yoga Tuitions, or Ordered Freelance. Namaste’.

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