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2013-14 Updates: Stepping into the Digital Age and Modern Tech. It seems the Digital age is at its peak. A lot of Impossible concepts are now possible and available. In short: I have been online teaching for a few yrs Began as Podcast Radio in itunes, then entered teaching audio classes in Learnoutloud and lulu. Updating current projects to video/media and some Blackboard use. (Training) EDU Bio 2008-2011 The Audio and Text Book Classes, for Love and Divinity; has a Mega collection of Vocational, Professional, Undergraduate, and graduate level Mind-Body-Spirit; classes, spoken word, and educational lectures in our Stores and Teaching Profiles. The eclasses were recorded by LDM Recording Studio, of LDM University Headquarters; in Michigan. The available classes; are listed in our LuLu and Learn out Loud Store Networks. Please, Feel Free; to Contact us for additional website information, if you are brand new to LDM in general. 2015-16 Bio: Promotion Model, Game Artist, Virtual Business Consulting, Digital Game Design - VR Media, Video VFX Editor, Yoga Coach. Available: B2C and B2B Products.

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