Mia Resorts 2021

Dec 2020


Unity Real-Time Development Platform | 3D, 2D VR & AR Engine (Mia Gaming)

Mia Tech: Will be fusing in the Unity platform for building games for Mia Resorts. Unity is older, i tested yrs ago, but modernized. I am looking around and the whole system is incredible on dashboards, assets, game tools, monetizing, est. The Unity creation section is laptop or PC like Secondlife VR.

Starting off, a free personal acct.

Theres student and team.

Training will take a season but i dive right in for everything game, virtual, and art.

Will keep you all posted 

Ty for tuning in

See also our blogger or 2 FG pages. News are usually seasonal to monthly for tech. However with Yoga, this will be ongoing. – January 2021.