Mia Jonita Resorts

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Quick Highlights 2018-19:



Mia Jonita Resorts/LDM-Mia Corp

Professional Gamer, VR/3D Expert

SR CEO, Remote, Virtual Office


Dates Employed Jun 2010 – Present
Employment Duration 10 yrs 1 mo

✿Satellite Offices for Local Metro Detroit, Michigan US, Are Delayed via Lockdown requirements. Offices are based and primary online ft Virtual Reality/Secondlife. Thanks for visiting and Supporting LDM Mia Corp. Please Stay Safe 2020. – 5/16/20, updates, Lez Michelle.

✿Metro-Michigan On-Call Jobs Vary. A Virtual Reality (VR) Expert within 3D, Animation, & Simulation. Projects Feature Photography and Yoga, A Paid Freelance, Published Office, We are not promotion Only.

✿June-July Certifications: ANATOMY403.1x: Integumentary and Musculoskeletal Systems. University of Michigan, https://online.umich.edu – 5/17/20, updates