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9/23, Happy Fall, 2020

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Morning all.

Potential good news. Yesterday, I random looked up on my tablet📲 Open Sim misc and tips. I do this occasionally the last 2 months for extra reading🤔. This is the open source system that hosts our Mia J Resorts. My tech slowness and complications are real😩😅. There are recent yr some improvements and new engineers coming to the rescue👍🏾. I found something called Dreamworld, DreamGrid by OutWorldz☺️. Every little core programming has been integrated and done for you in this system✅. Including fixing troubleshooting, robust, grid work. Also a perk its free of charge which in programming, thats pretty cool. Open Sims in general is free. Creators can charge for selling creations and become a business within the Virtual World as owners. I did have a login issue. I found it could be fixed in troubleshooting and missing new configurations. 🍃Fall Updates coming soon🌾.
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