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Current Fall News

Hello Fans and Peeps,

YG and Dance

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YG General Disclaimer

Hey everyone,
U will see this posted, as needed or related; to a class, music store, or profile. Read More

The Exclusive, All depts online….

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The Board Release Statement

The Board is ever changing,

it began with me and i invited the CEO 2, Former SR Vice President.

He was silent and started off with suggestions only, he worked his way to project management on demand.

We now, have the following; representing in support, presence, and projects when available. We learn to bounce ideas back and forth, the CEO2 is bold and never holds back. It keeps LDM and depts. Balanced. Others contribute in a flow. I am grateful for each one.

I appreciate them all, silent partners, Private Sector listed.

1. SR CEO-Myself, Wayne, MI

2. CEO2 (Promotion Level Up)-Wayne County, MI

3. CEO3-(replaced Washtenaw County. Entered Level Up), Now Macomb County, MI

4. SR Vice President (Promotion Level Up)-Wayne, MI

5. Vice President2 (Promotion Level Up)-Wayne, MI

Thanks to all the board.

Mia Tech of Vodcast

We appreciate all fans and those of Tech news.
we do have a new video, called Mia’s Sunday Review.
It will go over in short, our status in tech stages.

thanks again everyone



LDM Detroit Release Statement

LDM Detroit Release Statement Read More
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