Japan Awareness…

I know, for sum,

You have issues, debts, work related, family, or larger problems of your own,

You cannot even imagine, tracking or connecting with Japan, you disconnect, detach, and try to go about your usual world.

However…if you catch the national news and images,

Japan’s Courage, Strength, and Sense of Community, will alter and change your daily world.

Japan is humble and patient, in the middle of complete horror….

So far, We get our News updates from, ABCNews.com (Ch.7 Coverage)

Prayers for Japan & Tech

Prayers for Japan & Mia Tech Support:

  1. Here in the LDM Board, we are praying for Japan.
  2. If you ever watched the Martin Lawrence Show, Season 3, then you know we are high emotions. Between Gena and Martin’s Momma. or another picture, the Matrix over Neo. We are trying to ground ourselves, our emotions, and recover. We can only imagine those in or with Families japan. Once i heard, 9.0 and the island shifted several feet, all other information just faded into my emotional, “What? OMG!” This was slow, in stages of sm. news alerts til Sun/Mon.
  3. I am no earth quake expert or follower, but 9.0 is pretty large.
  4. Those in our board (CEO2, YG Manager) with Asian Clients, have already made panic stricken but calm contacts. I thought i was being emotional, but that was one basic instinct.
  5. There are celebrities raising awareness and donations over the weekend, for this week. We cannot donate but cont. our tech project and raise in world contributions/Japan Dedications.
  6. Mia Tech: We are in grid mode, something we achieved for the former regions we now call Mia Jonita Beta. We are coming across a port/connection issue, real minor but annoying-this is week 3. Everything else for Grid checks out. We still have to add a lot of inventory, land building and decor. ‘In World’ Theme will be Asia and Zen decor, decided Friday morning, (i still have no idea when the earth quake hit.)
  7. Mia Tech: We are also still (OS) Open Sim babies, our first anniversary will be this June 2011. We will save and back up, unlike our Beta Grid.  Anything you do in Open Sim, like Second life, saves by default; beyond the appearance mode. However; back ups are suggested in additional to. I did research 2 different methods. This will be used, after grid mode processing once Mia decor is complete again.
  8. “Believe in Miracles, U are strong, Wishing Light and love, our prayers are with you Japan.”-Mia Jonita Tech, (YG) Yogi Goddess.

Mia and LDM Builder Sites


 LDM and Mia Builder & Campus Websites (Tech Site List):

1. http://ldm.dyndns-work.com/


2. http://ldm.dyndns-work.com/ldm/edu/home.php (2011 Registration)


3. http://ldm.dyndns-work.com/ldm/


4. http://ldm.dyndns-work.com/LDM/Roomtester/


5. http://ldm.dyndns-work.com/studio/


6. http://ldm.dyndns-work.com/studio/roomtester2/


7. http://miajonita3d.dyndns.org/recording/ (LDM Recording Studio, Yogi Goddess)


 *Mia Jonita Resort and Campus, for Accounts, vCurrency, and in World Log in, is under construction for Tech.

Mia Winter and Spring

Tech Update for Feb./March. 2011

1. Hello all fans, of LDM, YG, Mia and basically, virtual worlds in general.

2. Besides, Yoga, Music Beatz, and publishing, one of our favorite genres is Virtual Worlds and 3D Animation.

3. Digital 3D Art, Animation, and Virtual World interests; are what separate us from the traditional social to advance social.

4. For Mia, we are however; at a pause or stop sign in development. We are taking our time to slow down and learn the database system,

on our recent company web server for LDM and Mia; from fall 2010.

5. We are always seeking more ways to integrate, add new applications, and learn about other open sims creations as well.

6. For The Mia Jonita Beta, we will save that world for the learning of OS 0.7.

7. For us, we are still learning OS 0.6 to give us a start and aid our first year as developers and creators.

8. Soon, we will be vodcasting and fund raising for our Mia Jonita Campus, a new and different grid from the Beta.

The Beta will also use new release-0.7 Regions. The Situation: all was well, we are testing grid,

and a new integration went wrong or was going to take too long. The integration almost worked. So, we have a Mia Campus Grid to work on.

9. We appreciate everyone for following Mia Jonita and YG (Yogi Goddess) related topics online.

10. If you are brand new, tuning in; do welcome. We are speaking of this platform: “OpenSimulator is an open source multi-platform, multi-user 3D application server. It can be used to create a virtual environment (or world)” http://opensimulator.org


YG Management (A parallel)

YG Management

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Hello Studio Fans. This is similar to our Mia Management Updates, catch the Mia Memo in our Blogs and Campus Resort Profiles Continue reading “YG Management (A parallel)”