Whats Current with Mia (2012)

Hey Mia and LDM peeps.

welcome back to our blogcast of updates and misc. news.

Whats new and current with Mia?

This week (See also YG blogcast), has been a balance of office, estudio, and work projects in general.
but its always the same routine and silent question, “What about Mia”

So as of yesterday, i do have and test the Mia Server for Open Sims (OS), its suppose to run like any other server, 24/7. So for day 2, i am adjusting too having the server going. This edition of Mia has yet to be grid mode but the concept of it being ongoing mode, is a step in the right direction.

Next, is testing the avatars: Mia Jonita and Leslie Moore, for tech, inventory, personalization, landscaping, and the vodcast.

My goal, is to vodcast during the final stages of Mia’s grand opening. We also plan to update our computer lab, within the next two seasons of Mia building and testing.

thanks for tuning in fan and peeps.

LDM Inc and Mia Jonita (Virtual World Engineering and tech) Management.

Mia Jonita first bday….

“Mia turns One years old….one years old…one years ooooooooold…one years old.”

We will be loading our Summer Pics of Mia to koinup, if not already, i will check.

Our YG and Mia Depts, merged last fall 2010.

For A sister, we opened one facebook and listed Mia Jonita Resorts as Alter display/search name.

We will monitor and use one facebook for now, under ‘Chinastar Tigerlily’. This belongs to YG.

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LDM and Mia Land

LDM and Mia Land

We have all Summer and Fall built Regions of the Mia Jonita World, being reserved for our Beta, Mia Jonita Resorts. Continue reading “LDM and Mia Land”

YG and Mia Venues

I’ve just updated my site using http://www.yola.com/ See what’s changed for venues and virtual events. We will be planning a (Print and Poster) schedule, testing session, and promotion events. We have so far, a on demand and live platform selected. Visit : http://ygtickets.yolasite.com

YG, The Avatar, the World

Email: miajonitaresorts@inbox.com
Alternative: ldmrecordingstudio@inbox.com
Virtual Platform/Builder: Open Sims
What is Open Sims: Open Sims or OS is short for Open Simulator. This is a 3D Application Server, Used to create your own virtual world, similar to Second Life and others like it. Continue reading “YG, The Avatar, the World”