Part I. Mia Economy and Community

Mia Jonita Virtual Economy and Community The Financial Blueprint of:

Part 1. In World and Out World.

A). Similar to most virtual worlds, its makes good sense to make purchases with your virtual money versus with your USD or other converted Currency.

B). As we build the Mia technology and basic foundations of the resort, we will also be alert to the Governance and Economy of In World and Out.

C). Rarely, do Virtual Worlds, function additional services and products, for out world. This, however; is done by the creative minds of the Resident and users of the Community. Recently, you will catch the encouragement of Worlds, suggesting more profiles or public pages for your Avatar Social. Almost an approval to or for those on pioneer 3D paths. There are many ways to represent your avatar.

1. Realistic, Matching You in the real world. Classic when people want the “real you” then they see how your avatar is you. Those picture comparations are always perfect and actually cool to see. Good promotion for new Residents, Users, or fans. Good for Business Meetings or Class.

2. Surreal, Fantasy, When you would like to travel, paradise vacation, experience, and seek worlds or places only in fiction dream form. An exhale to the real working you.

3. or a combination of both, a balance we use in LDM Inc. Both are used per calendar event, holiday, project, or vodcast. D). Therefore, planning for LDM is a unique journey. We are intergrated Real and Surreal already via exported Avatars and Vodcast Collections. We do encourage, as FYI; the same for Mia Jonita’s future residents and users. However, we are still trying to categorized the out world, as we build in world. As an Organization, We are also a Company of Mind, Body and Spirit. Popular in ebooks, reader cast, and audio media classes. Then include our Campus Music Lounge, the Promotion of YG, Yogi Goddess….

more coming soon, thanks everyone.

The World of Accounting. ft. money energy and relatedd

reference sites/rooms:

Accounts Receivable for Campus
Spring Season 2011 for all departments and Seasons.

1. When it comes to Accounts Receivable, its a natural process for any business, online or off line. Like us, sometimes you can be accounts receivable without knowing it or really being financial aware. The term is used in accounting departments only.

2. Our Campus Is pretty quiet and via private sector based. As a Private School (and beyond), we want you all to still, understand the process of general

online business leading to online campus functions. This will help everyone to understand how the traditional departments of business and campus, functions online.

3. One problem we have, are some students or fans, believe that all of our work and courses are free. It really depends on the department, topic, date or season, schedule, and fan base in general. For example: Some Campus archives are free from our inventory, while others will remain the original retail value or higher if from a rare collection. Parallel, we keep a selection of free, affordable, to elite (valued) prices items.

4. I first discovered Sales and Customer Service, a few years after High School and keep in mine, i am class of 1994. The Sales world of yesterday and today, totals one thing. A Lot of people believe in sales myths. Items and Prices are valued by both the seller and customer. Meaning, If you price a service or program at 10k and allow it to sit while you let go and work on other projects or stores. Your item will not be de-valued or defaulted as a no sell. You can attract (business and law of attraction) over time or by your skill, the right target audience for that 10k service or item. This i saw for myself in the Virtual Community and read money courses in metaphysics. Two different fields confirmed each other. Its all in your target audience for business, and law of attraction for money metaphysics. So our issue is, people only see our universal compassion for those seeking free or affordable. We value all types, all fans, all customers, all clients. Think, “Business meets Metaphysical Money” its energy and awareness, preference and lifestyle.

Hope that helps. I will never forget in college, i received a free car and years later, gave it away for free. I did the pay it forward concept. I practice natural pay it forward for our EDU archives and general promotions. I have learned about both sales and money myths, u could say. If you have grown up or adjusted in adult life, to money madness, then you have a lot of de-programming to do because your reality has a default issue, if you are raised in nothing but wealth, then your adult life shows that belief system. this applies to your country, your state, your city, your family, your resume, est.

Do you know where our free programs are honored? Do you know where our affordable yoga is sold? Its really amazing stats and fan locations. Each country has a different perception and needs do vary. They may have a practitioner, teacher, or topic shortage. Also Each USA State and City, needs vary according to their environments, traditions, and current standards. Online, nothing is limited, and every career is needed. If you are limited in modern day, its your (fill in the blanks). Now imagine, how u can make adjustments for success.

Accounting Summary Conclusion:

Keep in mind; we have power to change, grow, mature, and create new paths. A money class in the making right. It applies to Accounting, administration, and management.

Additional References:

Tech..yesterday and today

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Hello All,

We are almost back to our former Fall status for 2011.
Our Calendar is based around tech and the Mia Birthday Anniversary.
We have a busy season for celebrations by default, this yr, adding MIA.
A calendar will be blogged, including UCLA classes related to MIA.

Most of the Sept news below, is still valid.
social gold at jambool, had its own business shift.
For open source, we are exactly open, however; dedicated to paypal Business and training for developers.
This is after (Winter Holidays ’10’) losing our Mia Jonita Beta to a converting tech issue.
We almost combined (Open Sim) versions 6 and 7 (most recent).
The results required too much of a work ethic and way off our blueprint planning.
The Concept, however; was too cool, or for a moment at least.
The land or island; Regions went from old to New, but got stuck.-Spring 2011-Mia Management.

Sat., Sept. 18th, 2010, 10-11pm

The Current Status of: Mia Jonita Resorts

1. Still testing grid mode and viewers benefits

2. Shifting to web server, web interface, and web hosting user acct.

3. Researching options for in world/out world accounting and  money management.

Will use the most, virtual ethical, and professional means of transferring under (virtual) vcurrency and (virtual) vexchange. So far, many virtual worlds and grids seem to have no issues, example IMVU and Second Life.

We are also accounting with:  Social Gold at

(Currently not available to public, under future testings)

or also, pay pal developers options.

Will keep everyone posted, or new users after Grand opening this fall, will receive news, memos, and updates.

Mia Tech for Spring

Hello and Welcome all fans…

In the YG and Mia Studio…updates are in reverb

nation or the YG emag=

for tech this spring,

1. we are hitting the final stages (again) for Grid.

2. Within the grid, we are hitting 2 errors.

3. Our final section before (In World) vcurrency; is messaging.

4. we are learning and working on, In world chat server info

5.  We will also be updating our Comp. lab with drives (T)

YG Asia 3D Digital Art….

Many of you, that follow Mia also follow YG

Thank you for your support as fans,

Most recent, we have been rotating projects, tech, admin. and art.

Catch our Virtual World, 3D Art. (Recent Images below)


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Mia Winter and Spring

Tech Update for Feb./March. 2011

1. Hello all fans, of LDM, YG, Mia and basically, virtual worlds in general.

2. Besides, Yoga, Music Beatz, and publishing, one of our favorite genres is Virtual Worlds and 3D Animation.

3. Digital 3D Art, Animation, and Virtual World interests; are what separate us from the traditional social to advance social.

4. For Mia, we are however; at a pause or stop sign in development. We are taking our time to slow down and learn the database system,

on our recent company web server for LDM and Mia; from fall 2010.

5. We are always seeking more ways to integrate, add new applications, and learn about other open sims creations as well.

6. For The Mia Jonita Beta, we will save that world for the learning of OS 0.7.

7. For us, we are still learning OS 0.6 to give us a start and aid our first year as developers and creators.

8. Soon, we will be vodcasting and fund raising for our Mia Jonita Campus, a new and different grid from the Beta.

The Beta will also use new release-0.7 Regions. The Situation: all was well, we are testing grid,

and a new integration went wrong or was going to take too long. The integration almost worked. So, we have a Mia Campus Grid to work on.

9. We appreciate everyone for following Mia Jonita and YG (Yogi Goddess) related topics online.

10. If you are brand new, tuning in; do welcome. We are speaking of this platform: “OpenSimulator is an open source multi-platform, multi-user 3D application server. It can be used to create a virtual environment (or world)”


2011 YG Gallery

Happy New Year everyone.

This Week…we have a new vodcast, feat. the YG Real and Surreal Gallery.

Catch our Vodcast listings for viewing. Continue reading “2011 YG Gallery”