Those hot days

Our last last last 💯hot 90 degrees day.

So hope its smooth and effortless #summerending🌞 #throwbacks2017 #August2017 #Secondlife2017

LDM Digital Art Studio (Ft. Mia Jonita)

Digital Artist: Experience of 4 years in Digital Artistry. It was pure serendipity over time. Whenever i used a web cam, i loved applying personalized edits; to glamourize my ordinary every day pictures. During the built of other departments
in my self employment, my Photography editing were slowly fused into the backdrop for social and projects.
During years 2010 to the present, i began expanding my Virtual business in the form of Simulation and 3D life.
Now a Virtual World Engineer in training, I entered Digital Artist and Photography for myself in the departments of illustrations, Virtual Landscapes, and Computer Generated Art. I also do Virtual Vixen Model Work.

2011 YG Gallery

Happy New Year everyone.

This Week…we have a new vodcast, feat. the YG Real and Surreal Gallery.

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