LDM and Mia, ft. The Mia Weather forecast

Welcome to our friday regular blogcast for LDM and Mia

we will also post this for other blogs for the Co., just so etravelors can have an current update.

A board tradition,
is i do a random search check of any fan posted news on ea. dept, from Yogi Goddess, Leslie M. Moore, Love and Divinity In Motion, SLE, Starlight Enterprises, and especially Mia Jonita.

I saw interesting sites on searching the Mia Weather, searching the Mia location, est.

We appreciate the real and surreal realities out there, for the web world.

but for in world, once we open and are public….

our world is parallel to Second Life, the veteran world (china as Tigerlily as visitor) but in open sims.

U will control your view of the weather and environment, when u are visiting, traveling, or being a regular resident.

stay tuned, and wish us luck, as we build mia, tech yr 2.

PS-Mia’s Bday anniversary was moved from June 21 (of 2010), to July 4th. June 21 is Bday for two family members and Second Life Bday Anniversary. Too funny.

kisses and hugs.

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We have added ourselves to ‘Fan Pop’,

we are both fans and hosting new spots. see info below. thanks.

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LDM Inc Improved in 3D

LDM Inc., a campus of self help for mind, body and spirit; Will now be joining with Mia Jonita Resorts, for a full campus interaction; ‘Simulation’ style.

This includes:

An auditorium room for a student or visitor audience to hear and watch venues, text chat lectures, movies, and est;

A sitting classroom for student avatars, with a right and left wing.

Board Office Meetings for contact,

Administrative Office for LDM and Students,

For more news, campus events, campus lounge (YG and Mia) and est., see our Mia Jonita Profiles and Websites.

Thanks-Dr Moore, Fall 2010



YG, The Avatar, the World

Email: miajonitaresorts@inbox.com
Alternative: ldmrecordingstudio@inbox.com
Virtual Platform/Builder: Open Sims
What is Open Sims: Open Sims or OS is short for Open Simulator. This is a 3D Application Server, Used to create your own virtual world, similar to Second Life and others like it. Continue reading “YG, The Avatar, the World”

The Fourth of July Corner, Edition I

The Fourth of July Corner, Edition I

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Usually, we have nothing but blog topics here and there, it’s all news and updates for our fans, networks and engine searchers.

However, today, I want to reflect on something I learned, while watching Independence Day Celebrations.

….A True branch or our Declaration of Independence, each one of us carries a torch, a piece, a sign of prosperity.

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