The Board and Future

Many Business fans and peeps:

will now wonder about our Board and recent events of FB and losing our CEO3.

This is the second round and time, of losing a ‘CEO3,’ like an odd number or situation. This shows imbalance in our Board seats and format. Very Odd Feng Shui.

We will publish a Board Newsletter eventually for the internet market and including Amazon.

We also extend the privacy policy to former members, via everyone moves on, our projects and lives are not to be meshed together or detoured. No names or gossip. Keep that in mind

Our Board projects are important and we are keeping our regular schedules.

Things are still fresh, but we will not be replacing this yr 2011, the original schedule was for every other yrs, starting 2012.  So that 2012 mark is pending, nothing final for replacements dates.

There are missing traditions for our board i would like to include,

We always do board meetings, but would like to keep and require one on one meetings and angel investors/angel investing. This excludes, too much or so much virtual office without ‘one on one’. Virtual office should be a bonus not an issue in the long run.

That fits the picture compared to our early board yrs.

The board will be quiet and small for now.

We are made of:

  • SR CEO,
  • CEO2,
  • SR VP,
  • VP2.

That’s all,

thanks everyone.

The Board Release Statement

The Board is ever changing,

it began with me and i invited the CEO 2, Former SR Vice President.

He was silent and started off with suggestions only, he worked his way to project management on demand.

We now, have the following; representing in support, presence, and projects when available. We learn to bounce ideas back and forth, the CEO2 is bold and never holds back. It keeps LDM and depts. Balanced. Others contribute in a flow. I am grateful for each one.

I appreciate them all, silent partners, Private Sector listed.

1. SR CEO-Myself, Wayne, MI

2. CEO2 (Promotion Level Up)-Wayne County, MI

3. CEO3-(replaced Washtenaw County. Entered Level Up), Now Macomb County, MI

4. SR Vice President (Promotion Level Up)-Wayne, MI

5. Vice President2 (Promotion Level Up)-Wayne, MI

Thanks to all the board.