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HQ Podcast Library, Volume set 2:

HQ Podcast Library, Volume set 2:

Rather you are a former listener of our old Podcast Radio or brand new, you now can enjoy our Fitness shows. Yes, all of our podcast audios were not lost to itunes or the web world. We did save, store, and tech archive each one. We hosted 6 audio channels featuring therapy fitness and Yoga. However i am very selective and i choose only the best versions that benefit your home studio. We have unlimited volumes from our radio yrs of 2008-2010. Our (itunes) Broadcast Retired Summer 2010, due to a transition in Gcast, Garageband. You can find Garageband now a studio recording app for apple mobile. https://gumroad.com/yogigoddess

This volume includes 1 zip file from our former years, regarding Yoga Chakra fitness ft (Throwback) Radio Tunes, yoga tips and exercises; and a full audio. Our Fit Audios are timeless and blends with any year you tune in. You will love this show like its present day. The Studio Donation Price: 15-25 Euro (Thx Again) https://gum.co/podcast2


Blog Comments: …

Blog Comments: I do try to review comments and spam slowly. Any extreme non related comments are deleted. For the blog design comments: i use only the ‘free templates’ thanks. To hire a web designer, nope. nada. I am; a hands on person for webmastering. I do plan to eventually learn template design and use premium options. I catch so many webmasters and bloggers selling their designs. That would be a nice dept, down the road. I learned one thing- u cannot hop, boom; right in. U have to use a current designer resume or start slow. Thats all. ~random thoughts.~ later Lez

-LDM inc, Leslie M.M.-

Mia Tech and Vi…

Mia Tech and Virtual Worlds: In the mist of a busy summer, home life, home office, music projects ongoing, art, virtual world, life, est. est…. I am updating Mia of Open Sim platform, slowly. For updates: i do want to start with the art of the lands we have so far. I am also observing the activity of Virtual Worlds in general. I have a team member of the board, my CEO II; he games traditional for video games, while i prefer Virtual World. He mentioned, how He feels most ppl these days are leaving the virtual for real life. If true, then thats a decrease for SL and other worlds. Hmmmmm. I noticed an issue: when i try to sell my SL land and I had 100 hits and no sale (ebay). I could not find the right SL buyer for my estate. As if i had to promote for a season or several? pure how i felt. Its down to trends and research, Virtual worlds serve many other purposes, not just residential traditional. I love my Virtual worlds but to lose ppl, slowly; is not good. I am so glad, that we still have our Mia fans. My CEO II agreed on that. thats all. -YG, Mia Jonita, LDM-

LDM Anniversary Aftermath

Thanks for reading our updates for this week
This month alone
we have had under 2k readers (http://www.merchantcircle.com)
so thanks.

I am learning as a virtual business
both non traditional and traditional tips, on how to keep it moving;
beyond any co. or business issue.
I apply to my ongoing projects at hand.

I am learning so far:

  1. Whats trending for online business
  2. What works and what does not work
  3. Project failures and why
  4. Project Mgt, expansion, and within a budget
  5. How to apply your talents and interests to your business.

That helps me

especiallly for our LDM HQ bday weekend

Keeping it moving

any updates

i will let u know

This will be for

  1. Virtual World updates
  2. LDM Yoga and LDM EDU
  3. YG and Music News



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2.  https://myspace.com/ldmyogauniversity

Light and Love

-LDM HQ admin, Mgt-

Studio Rounds and The ‘YG Studio Boutique’

Studio Rounds

Welcome and Summary:

Welcome to YG dept and Beatz Division of LDM
or Love and Divinity In Motion,

our Headquarters.

We are an online and virtual only company over the past few yrs.
Our Co. Is actually Seven Yrs old located Michigan.

Now On that note.

Some updates.


charts (Studio beatz):

I’m number 2 on the ReverbNation Dance charts for Detroit, MI. http://www.reverbnation.com/yogigoddess

Our store,

Called the ‘YG Studio Boutique’. Officially,
Named that after similar studios over the yrs, including Detroit.

The stock:

Inventory was done slow for winter and spring.
Still updating it with new creations and art. The art has to be special designed, will take sum time.

Check it out.

For art fans, see our redbubble

Yogi Goddess, China (BMI Artist)’s official store, The ‘YG Studio Boutique’ http://www.reverbnation.com/store/artist_575138

Letting Go (Relationships in art form)

I made itImageImageImageImage
I made it to an affordable
pretty island home unit
home II.

Its so big,
u can get lost
from end to end.

to relax and enjoy,

huge backyard
music i like
back to back,

fun surroundings.

one thing is missing

u could not be there
when i needed you.

you were too busy iN RL
to connect in SL.
i find that ‘intentional abandonment’,
on purpose.
Things appeared supportive
but u faded
like most do
when things are rough.

That’s da easy route.

too flee,

too run.

things were hard
but life can be that way
u lost faith
in you, first
and us second.


-YG, YGoddess (CT)-

-music playing-RIRI, ‘Stay’
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