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Passin thru Happy Fall. Hope everyone is good. Will update slow for in world and out. Thanks peeps.

LDM Inc,
Leslie Michelle M; SR CEO, MGT

Ft YG/China

LDM Anniversary Aftermath

Thanks for reading our updates for this week
This month alone
we have had under 2k readers (
so thanks.

I am learning as a virtual business
both non traditional and traditional tips, on how to keep it moving;
beyond any co. or business issue.
I apply to my ongoing projects at hand.

I am learning so far:

  1. Whats trending for online business
  2. What works and what does not work
  3. Project failures and why
  4. Project Mgt, expansion, and within a budget
  5. How to apply your talents and interests to your business.

That helps me

especiallly for our LDM HQ bday weekend

Keeping it moving

any updates

i will let u know

This will be for

  1. Virtual World updates
  2. LDM Yoga and LDM EDU
  3. YG and Music News



Prep work using templates, Office-Studio topics

Hey Peeps,

thanks for stopping by

this will be presented in wordpress and merchantcircle blogcasts

March 2013

Prep work using templates, Office-Studio topics

Like last yr

  • I am working on my fundraiser per dept
  • I almost forgot, this yr is similar to last yr

the difference is

  • i feel more prepared via experience and resources
  • i guess last yr was study only.

I got side tracked with other projects which honestly sucks so i am starting early but with a stronger backdrop.

-never give up, is true. keep your goals peeps-

  • last yr plans below.

LDM Goes Corp, Makeover
For Yr. 7 Anniversary
Business Fundraiser Outline I
1. Art Fundraiser

 : LDM Digital Studios

 : LDM vModels (Presenters)

 : For updated Computer lab equipment/minor Computer upgrades,
Computer production, and vmodels of IMVU their well being and shopping
per show and art photo shoot. Money: IMVU credits

2. Vodcast, Video blogging, Web News Fundraiser

Dept(s): LDM Recording, LDM Digital Studios

Project: LDM Official Vodcast TV

Purpose: Can be a combo, including the Art Fundraiser Goal. For
updated Computer lab equipment/Medium Computer upgrades, Computer
production, and vmodels of IMVU their well being and shopping per
show and art photo shoot. Money: IMVU credits

Amount: $1000.00-$2000.00
3. Mia Jonita Satellite Office, Computer Lab, For Metro Detroit, Michigan

Dept(s): Mia Jonita Resorts LDM Digital Studios

Project: Mia Jonita Resorts In World Tech, LDM Digital Studios for
Green Screen and Productions.

Purpose: For New Commercial Estate, Annual Property Taxes, Property
Management, Commercial/Office Furnishing, Large Computer upgrades,
Company Transportation,

Amount: resort starter $25,000.00-$45,000.00
LDM and Mia Jonita Management

01:46:36 PM, 05/08/12

Whatz New this week. (Pre-Holidayz)

Whatz New this week. (Pre-Holidayz)

Hello all and welcome to our blogcast.
We appreciate again, all blogcast, readercast, and vodcast fans.

This week, we are working in the LDM Digital Studio Dept.
catch pic updates in our Studio and Gallery Sites.

Last weekend, we did get sum tech done in Mia Jonita. So a vodcast and new picture gallery will be in the works for if not This yr ending, For Jan. 2012.


Catch u all later.
Happy Holiday Season.
LDM Inc and Mia Jonita Management.

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Join us in IMVU Pt2

Join us in IMVU Pt2-For current IMVU Members or 2nd search option.


(The view feat. the top of the chapel) Welcome to our 7 days & Sunday, Campus Chapel. This Room feat. Yoga Poses, Street dancing, traditional chapel, and lake side view. LDM Inc, Students, and New Visitors allowed. A Yoga Church and Traditional combo.

1. Welcome to the Board (BOD) office of LDM for IMVU users. *LDM Inc and Campus, is known, 4 Audio Classes and Publications, outside of our Podcast and Vodcast shows.* 4 Appts. Contact. Dr16506 Home.Instructions

  1. Both (chat) rooms are public listed.
  2. An IMVU account in needed.
  3. A Free account, no additional purchases, unless desired for your IMVU world and 3 Life.
  4. Open your IMVU software, Once load, Go to Chat Rooms icon.
  5. In Search, type; Dr16506 (Our profile/screen name)
  6. Our rooms will appear, same as the online instructions.
  7. This method is easier, you will join w/o a download wait time, since you are already in the IMVU Software.
  8. Catch you later. We will be in and out, catch twitter updates as well.

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