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Fan Alert: Who has a twitter?

Ok, i did good to survive the FB stages of open and close. The final open was done early in 2011 and still open. The social is for close peeps, IMVU and misc. Thats for Lezlie and China.

Myyearbook does Imagepretty good and myspace is smooth sailing, along with IMVU. Another fav. social of mine besides the ones mentioned is twitter.

Twitter is the fastest, easiest, and most popular social, i think besides FB.

All walks of life use it and u can keep up with any celebrity, their fan clubs, any topic, inspirations, and so on. Its fast updates as well. Most social nets, try to copy the stream style but i feel the veteran of this stream will always be twitter, the one that started it. Unofficial but true. My first twitter was OnlineDrLeZ. We use three for everything, home life, home office, and virtual business work. (This is an optional alert, designed for those (fans) who would like more frequent updates and news, then given in our regular casting per season)!/onlinedrlez!/wildcard33!/miajonitaresort

Take care peeps, blessing everyone.

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Recent Updates this fall

Over the summer to Fall:

An Overview (sites below),
We can be found in Koinup for our 3D Virtual World gallery, for our vodcast the Official Series after radio, and misc. twitter updates per dept.

thanks for tuning in online, peeps and our fan family.

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Mia Tech for Spring

Hello and Welcome all fans…

In the YG and Mia Studio…updates are in reverb

nation or the YG emag=

for tech this spring,

1. we are hitting the final stages (again) for Grid.

2. Within the grid, we are hitting 2 errors.

3. Our final section before (In World) vcurrency; is messaging.

4. we are learning and working on, In world chat server info

5.  We will also be updating our Comp. lab with drives (T)

2011 YG Gallery

Happy New Year everyone.

This Week…we have a new vodcast, feat. the YG Real and Surreal Gallery.

Catch our Vodcast listings for viewing. Continue reading “2011 YG Gallery”

Studio News 2 Asia Video

Map of Asia in Chinese.
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Re: Studio News to Asia Video


Studio News 2 Asia
Topic: Studio News 2 Asia.copyright 2010, LDM Inc., Mia Jonita, YG Asia and Beyond, Catch our Reverb Nation Listings for Vodcast and Video Soundtracks.This Video Exclusive for our LDM Vodcast TV Station. thanks everyone.
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