Love and Divinity EDU news (Fall updates)

All yr,

I have been working on my personal fitness seasonal.


i have been searching for a way to update LDM EDU and LDM Yoga Dept

beyond audio default.

for teaching online, our genre


i have found sum options 

and will be setting up

videos and blackboard for this fall

See our videocasting sites for updates.

we have promos in and youtube

our actual first class

will be ustream.

and blackboard is being updated, in coursesites.

blackboard is actually down for maint. this week (thurs nite to fri, i believe) so classes are directed to ustream

as we cont. to set up by sept.

Please do not register at this time for blackboard, we will let u all know. 

We still have to develop the fitness course and the beatz class is incomplete.

Registration is still be tested in the teacher dashboard.



sites below.



Happy Thurs.

Catch u all later.


Prep work using templates, Office-Studio topics

Hey Peeps,

thanks for stopping by

this will be presented in wordpress and merchantcircle blogcasts

March 2013

Prep work using templates, Office-Studio topics

Like last yr

  • I am working on my fundraiser per dept
  • I almost forgot, this yr is similar to last yr

the difference is

  • i feel more prepared via experience and resources
  • i guess last yr was study only.

I got side tracked with other projects which honestly sucks so i am starting early but with a stronger backdrop.

-never give up, is true. keep your goals peeps-

  • last yr plans below.

LDM Goes Corp, Makeover
For Yr. 7 Anniversary
Business Fundraiser Outline I
1. Art Fundraiser

 : LDM Digital Studios

 : LDM vModels (Presenters)

 : For updated Computer lab equipment/minor Computer upgrades,
Computer production, and vmodels of IMVU their well being and shopping
per show and art photo shoot. Money: IMVU credits

2. Vodcast, Video blogging, Web News Fundraiser

Dept(s): LDM Recording, LDM Digital Studios

Project: LDM Official Vodcast TV

Purpose: Can be a combo, including the Art Fundraiser Goal. For
updated Computer lab equipment/Medium Computer upgrades, Computer
production, and vmodels of IMVU their well being and shopping per
show and art photo shoot. Money: IMVU credits

Amount: $1000.00-$2000.00
3. Mia Jonita Satellite Office, Computer Lab, For Metro Detroit, Michigan

Dept(s): Mia Jonita Resorts LDM Digital Studios

Project: Mia Jonita Resorts In World Tech, LDM Digital Studios for
Green Screen and Productions.

Purpose: For New Commercial Estate, Annual Property Taxes, Property
Management, Commercial/Office Furnishing, Large Computer upgrades,
Company Transportation,

Amount: resort starter $25,000.00-$45,000.00
LDM and Mia Jonita Management

01:46:36 PM, 05/08/12

This week, the last day of Nov….

Welcome to our Mia and LDM blogcast.

this week, after the holidays:

1. we built a new site for the LDM Digital Art:

2. We did minor tech over the weekend but we still are working on the most recent version of OS (an upgrade and celebration, we were stuck in version 0.6.9), for Mia Jonita Grid Mode. Still testing in Standalone thou.

3. We did light promos, for YG and our Single release, but this single will be available for another yr. We do appreciate all streams and downloads. Its always been a fav and we are still working on 2 greatests hits for you all in 2012 listening.

4. We updated our LDM Vodcast TV and will now enter Season 12. Season 11 has its final show posted.

Thats all peeps.

LDM and Mia Jonita Management.

Fan Greetings: Happy Turkey day

Hello Peeps & Fans,

If u are in the US,

Have a Happy Thanksgiving this week.

Catch u later, with more updates and news.

We are working on Mia tech of O.S and in world projects related to IMVU 3D Chat.
Re: Asia and Europe Resumes: For veteran or LDM Alumni fans, we are not hiring right now, but will be for both ‘in world’ and ‘remote’; once we open up (Grand Opening).
This will be an estimate of next year for the Grand Opening. We will update you all then. We hope to be beyond basic level to Intermediate for Virtual World Life.

LDM and Mia Jonita Management & Cisco Tech.
Leslie M Moore/Lezlie