LDM Anniversary Aftermath

Thanks for reading our updates for this week
This month alone
we have had under 2k readers (http://www.merchantcircle.com)
so thanks.

I am learning as a virtual business
both non traditional and traditional tips, on how to keep it moving;
beyond any co. or business issue.
I apply to my ongoing projects at hand.

I am learning so far:

  1. Whats trending for online business
  2. What works and what does not work
  3. Project failures and why
  4. Project Mgt, expansion, and within a budget
  5. How to apply your talents and interests to your business.

That helps me

especiallly for our LDM HQ bday weekend

Keeping it moving

any updates

i will let u know

This will be for

  1. Virtual World updates
  2. LDM Yoga and LDM EDU
  3. YG and Music News



Home office joke (Redford Home Office)

Between store errands for redford and Det.,

I was in the middle of updating our new blog.

So i had it on pause, sort to speak; and figure i could make sum quickie updates,

The VP of the Board (father), not a computer person at all, -lol-

Said w/o being no where near the desktop, -lol-

“Leslie stop trying to update your blog!”- the VP

What a father thing to do, pure intuition.

my thoughts were, “OMG!!!!” and i laughed, then ran out the door again, within a few min.

but that was funny, just sharing. Detroit/Redford Home Office humor.

-SLE, LDM Inc-


The Shaman Edition (YR 2) Recession Publications

(phew!, peeps i pulled it off. The veterans know my random schedule in home office, just all over the place.)



The recession journey shaman edition ii
by LDM Inc., & 3D Virtual World on Jan 31, 2012,

A Shaman Edition and Promo. Will still be listed in Amazon kindle later. Thanks for visiting our profile fan and peeps. We only publish Bi-Seasonal so far during Mia Tech.


LDM and Mia, ft. The Mia Weather forecast

Welcome to our friday regular blogcast for LDM and Mia

we will also post this for other blogs for the Co., just so etravelors can have an current update.

A board tradition,
is i do a random search check of any fan posted news on ea. dept, from Yogi Goddess, Leslie M. Moore, Love and Divinity In Motion, SLE, Starlight Enterprises, and especially Mia Jonita.

I saw interesting sites on searching the Mia Weather, searching the Mia location, est.

We appreciate the real and surreal realities out there, for the web world.

but for in world, once we open and are public….

our world is parallel to Second Life, the veteran world (china as Tigerlily as visitor) but in open sims.

U will control your view of the weather and environment, when u are visiting, traveling, or being a regular resident.

stay tuned, and wish us luck, as we build mia, tech yr 2.

PS-Mia’s Bday anniversary was moved from June 21 (of 2010), to July 4th. June 21 is Bday for two family members and Second Life Bday Anniversary. Too funny.

kisses and hugs.

Whatz new for the headquarters (2012)

Hello fans and peeps passin thru.

For the mapping system, of etravelors, if u need tech updates.
please go to our Mia Jonita Twitter.
1. http://twitter.com/#!/miajonitaresort

2. For our Teaching resume, the default. visit: http://www.wiziq.com/ldmcampus

3. For Guest Classes, we only have archives in learn out loud. Our blackboard is cancelled and will be an ext. of Mia Jonita In World for In World and Out World connections. This is already done by Second Life and real Accredited US Colleges. We are a lil behind but still setting goals for spring to summer for in world mia. this is discussed in the Board of Directors, with Mia Partner and tech.

1. http://www.learnoutloud.com/Resources/Authors-and-Narrators/Dr-Lezlie-M-Virtual-Vixen/13128
2. http://www.learnoutloud.com/Resources/Publishers-and-Retailers/LDM-Yoga-and-Mia-Campus-Developer/828

Happy Friday.
For new updates today and this week ending.
1. http://starlightdetroit.wordpress.com/ldm-2012-stats-and-fans/

2. The Official Series vods. http://blip.tv/ldm-vodcast-tv

Whatz New this week. (Pre-Holidayz)

Whatz New this week. (Pre-Holidayz)

Hello all and welcome to our blogcast.
We appreciate again, all blogcast, readercast, and vodcast fans.

This week, we are working in the LDM Digital Studio Dept.
catch pic updates in our Studio and Gallery Sites.

Last weekend, we did get sum tech done in Mia Jonita. So a vodcast and new picture gallery will be in the works for if not This yr ending, For Jan. 2012.

* http://ldmandmia.daportfolio.com/
* http://www.koinup.com/ygimvu/

Catch u all later.
Happy Holiday Season.
LDM Inc and Mia Jonita Management.

Whatz New in Mia Jonita?..Building Mia Jonita of 2012

Whatz New in Mia Jonita?
Re: Building Mia Jonita of 2012

1.) Right now, we are working on the standalone of Mia Jonita
2.) We started the resorts as beginners and we are still learning behind the scenes in World building and Cisco Tech (trainees)
3.) We are currently adding new region land, landscaping, building the Main Avatars, and saving backup versions of our work this season.
4.) We have crashed 3 + times, since summer 2010 & our podcast radio retirement in itunes.
5.) No Worries, all beginners will go thru free orientation and reader (In World) notes. This may be live or self serve, we will see later at that time. Our backdrop is self serve for several yrs, so that’s always an option.
6.) We are working on re-building two avatars, Mia Jonita the model of B.Jonita, the Co Partner, and Momz,
and The former second was Yogi Goddess, but that model will be third. This time, we are building a Leslie Moore (Myself as Owner, Sr CEO)
7.) we do tweet and update the vods. and social, so stay tuned this mo. and entering 2012.
8.) We did miss sum classes in the blackboard set up and transfer. Those may just have to cont. in 3D, either IMVU public rms of LDM. or Mia Jonita Resorts of OS.
9) We will be webmastering and tech for this weekend 2.

dats all
Back Soon,
Mia Jonita Tech and LDM Management

About LDM in short

To fans of our former radio in itunes and selling courses for audio learners, We are A Legal Home LDM’s Serendipity & Synchronicity Radio school System in the category of Private, Alternative and Distance Education. We are Accredited in Holistic Health and Healing. (from an LDM Teacher Profile)