A quickie Hello…

A quickie Hello and Thanks for stopping by. I would like to remind those who comment on my posts. A lot of your comments hit spam. That means i have to stop in and read ea. spam. This takes hrs at a time and i do it weekly. So i will work on my spam checks. But i hope u all have have sum patience with me on this. Some are taking it a lil personal. Sometimes, its easy to be sensitive in social and online, when things are way more technical for webmastering in general, blogs to profiles. Thanks. -YG, Lez-

-LDM Inc-

Happy Hump Day news

Phew, This hump day, i truly Appreciate-lol

welcome back and for those who just may be new, do welcome to our blogcast.

Right now, i am making what i call, erounds, in the social, and those for work; which is most.

Twitter and Myspace are my rounds for now, checked my emails-carefully-i get a lot of spam,
and i do wanna do a vod and study sum fundraisers, before we open ours.


The annual times and months of May and June are really busy for us, being a remote and voffice, with board fam. and home life. So i try to balance everything, i would say; i am doing well.

well, catch u all later.

Mia J. Management, and LDM Inc.
Leslie Moore/YG/China Combo Depts

Happy Tuesday-voffice update

Happy Tuesday-Office Update

Hello and welcome back to our blogcast, we appreciate all of our readers at LDM and Mia J.

This week for the end of may, is all about organizing and prep work. I have learned its about organizing projects, the environment (voffice/remote office), the project filing (efiles/accts) est.

We are also building credit and fund raising for the new fiscal dept, Mia tech, and Preparing for the new season-summer.

We will be in touch, updating you via remote and executive, all updates about LDM and Mia.

I do try to update the active and older websites of LDM and Mia real slowly,
however; you all know to tune in by readercast, blogcast, or vodcast. the 3 cast/casting systems. i will start calling it.

Thanks everyone.

LDM and Mia Jonita Management.

catch this also in other blogs of LDM and Mia. Ft. the merchantcircle.


Happy Friday…Mia Tech news May 2012

Happy Friday…Mia Tech news May 2012

This yr, for July; formerly June 21st.

  • Same Bday as Second Life and Two of our Board Family members.
  • …So, we will celebrate, like last yr; our Mia Bday Anniversary on July 4th and that week. It marks
  • the last season and shows of the Podcast Radio during 2010 in itunes. When i first mentioned Mia Jonita Resorts as our Continuum.


….I try to balance everything and improve the following.

  • Increase work in tech hours.
  • Tech hours are done a few times a week so far, an improvement. Ea. Season is a differ focal point. Last Fall was counsel hours for Life Coaching and Holistic Core Engineering, i was on call weekly by request and once i (very gently. I had to offer informal and free, from Formal and Flat Fee based. A change of session perception. I lost money but my schedule would have been locked 9-5p monday-friday.) freed my counsel hours i was tied into the LDM Digital Studio, our new dept for LDM Inc., Art is an old love, like Dance. So to see it develop online and prosper is very important. This dept’s schedule is on time and doing well.
  • I am grateful for all depts, it gives more field exp. to my resume and skills. However; i do try to keep a Genre of CEO flexibility. Imagine, what i call, a ‘President seasonal review‘, or your company suffers, no doubt. I actually wanted CEO classes but could not find any, i had to just do the, ‘live and learn class’. ‘One on One’.
  • Goal is to work either longer hours or more tech shifts in a week
  • The web server and OS database is being tested, studies, and parallel, other grids of Open Sims community; the info and bios basics.
  • Fundraisers are important, to aid the (Computer) lab and increase the performance of the lab.
  • Another goal, is to hire freelance contractors with virtual world, open sim(s), and Cisco System experience to help. We get resumes for Web Designer but our CEO2 is the same job and Cisco. I am seeking similar to his resume but a variety as well.
  • No matter what during (the recent) SR CEO seasonal reviews, i do enjoy updating the fans, yr round. For all Mia Tech and News. That’s reliable.


stay tuned for more. thanks.

To Move or Not Move…the reflections (Pt 1)

A mini reflection and more about me.

I stayed in undergrad college for 10 yrs, i worked medical Unit clerk, retail, sales associates, secretary jobs, Human Resource, then Senior Care; accidentally LPN. So during this time i moved a zillion ways, like most College students do.-lol. My first move ever, was to the Dorms of Madonna University; Livonia Michigan. After that i went thru trials and apartment life.

My favorite apartment complex was thru Beztak Properties. I always said, they would be back up to move again. I stay with them two yrs, one yr with a Roomate/sis, then after she graduated and went thru almost my future path (moved back to Metro D., Bloomfield). The second yr living alone was tough, but i did well and built my credit with them. I loved the condo feel even thou, they were apartment rentals. (This leads to my preference later). I had more rocky moves thereafter, however; and manage to get honor grades and awards at my aide job during the madness.-lol. (still apart of my resume) http://www.linkedin.com/in/drlmoore

but after i moved back to Detroit after several yrs, to join family; now the board of directors,

I began to see my company Love and Divinity In Motion (LDM), as a baby to nourish and grow. I never looked at moving and relocating the same. I could not shake this emotion, it was like having a real child to take care of. I was reminded of the move methods i used before, reminders in so many words; u never had a problem before so whats your stopping block. Imagine, The old Me was fading into a healing process (7 yrs) to explore the past, present and embrace a new future. This caused a slow stop sign, to explore all old beliefs and make room for new prosperity and the Business life. This new emotion, turned out to be a blessings as i move to new beliefs in finding a new home and now commercial property.

I do plan to jot my journey down for this blog,

thanks for stopping by. 


ND update, ft. vod and lifestyle news.

ND update, ft. vod and lifestyle news.

From yr 2006 to 2012 present,
I lost 50 pounds with the aid of holistic living.

the best method ft. Bellydance and pilates, between hatha yoga. Continue reading “ND update, ft. vod and lifestyle news.”

Fan Alert: Who has a twitter?

Ok, i did good to survive the FB stages of open and close. The final open was done early in 2011 and still open. The social is for close peeps, IMVU and misc. Thats for Lezlie and China.

Myyearbook does Imagepretty good and myspace is smooth sailing, along with IMVU. Another fav. social of mine besides the ones mentioned is twitter.

Twitter is the fastest, easiest, and most popular social, i think besides FB.

All walks of life use it and u can keep up with any celebrity, their fan clubs, any topic, inspirations, and so on. Its fast updates as well. Most social nets, try to copy the stream style but i feel the veteran of this stream will always be twitter, the one that started it. Unofficial but true. My first twitter was OnlineDrLeZ. We use three for everything, home life, home office, and virtual business work. (This is an optional alert, designed for those (fans) who would like more frequent updates and news, then given in our regular casting per season)




Take care peeps, blessing everyone.

LDM Inc, YG, and Mia Management

Dr Leslie Moore, Yogi Goddess, Chinastar

Fans: Europe/Asia

Casting of: Reader, Blogs, and Vods.









Mia Publications Review (2010) and Tech Vods…

Mia Publication review and tech vods

Hello peeps,
thanks for tuning in and being dedicated, the stats show the results of our reader blog family.

A share from Mia twitter,

Before we release part II, catch da first edition. Mia Jonita 3D World, issue 3 News (LDM vland Publications) by Dr Leslie Moore http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003VIWQHI/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_wsurpb0KEMM85/187-3676017-8449955 via @amazon

We will be working on a part ii Mia Jonita 3D World, issue 3 News (LDM vland Publications) for this doc above, before our world opens, then the currency newsletter will cont. Part II will be a currency branch, a fav topic of the fan fam.



For the vods, we will be updating our season 12 in blip.tv,
catch our LDM Vodcast TV online for shows, if lost we are in bing and google searches.

thanks everyone