Mia Site construction..

work in motion, stay tuned to mia, @yola site: http://miajresort3d.yolasite.com Get one yourself http://www.yola.com

Hello peeps, update

hello fans and peeps.
A crazy new yr so far,
i have seen ups and downs in fast speed. (wow)
but the one thing that holds things together like glue,
is prayer, meditation, and balancing your elements and Chi (energy).
So we are taking a mini break, but will test tech this weekend w.o stress and other jobs in a week or two, will see.
thanks for stoppin by
and take care

Enjoy every day, of your new yr,
u hold the power, its only a matter of using your tools and mastery. If your reality is broke, fix it, u actually have keys to every element hosted.

LDM and Mia Management,
LDM Chapel Retired Podcast Radio, now revised LDM Chapel Of Mia Jonita.

Catch all of our Senior and Active depts for in world, including IMVU for public (2012 edits) and fun. Main will be in Mia.

No matter what, i love the chi of our fans.

This week, the last day of Nov….

Welcome to our Mia and LDM blogcast.

this week, after the holidays:

1. we built a new site for the LDM Digital Art: http://ldmandmia.daportfolio.com/

2. We did minor tech over the weekend but we still are working on the most recent version of OS (an upgrade and celebration, we were stuck in version 0.6.9), for Mia Jonita Grid Mode. Still testing in Standalone thou.

3. We did light promos, for YG and our Single release, but this single will be available for another yr. We do appreciate all streams and downloads. Its always been a fav and we are still working on 2 greatests hits for you all in 2012 listening.

4. We updated our LDM Vodcast TV and will now enter Season 12. Season 11 has its final show posted.

Thats all peeps.

LDM and Mia Jonita Management.

New SLE Blogs

We have 2 brand new SLE (Starlight Enterprises) blogs for our company,

catch the current news, memos, the variety, and misc. galleries at:



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