Whats next; Vir…

Whats next; Virtual Life: Well, since i am pure addicted to virtual world art in SL, over owning land. Then, I am also in love with developing and creating as a World owner, per Open Sims. I figure i can balance my world of interests, hobbies, and projects; between Open Sims and SL. No secret in virtual world hopping, really pure normal for vfans to profile themselves in the main worlds, IMVU, SL, OS, and others. I did let go of my land, in SL due to high costs and i could not sell it fast enough, even after much promotion. I did give that thought, promotion and more promotion. I guess i hate sales, i do have my sales limits for real. My world will now only be art, modeling and photography. Will update on details. For art, we are koinup for updates. Koinup i have been in since the yr 2009. It keeps my art fire going and art social current. I have seen ppl take breaks and vacations, dey always return to koinup, pure art and social addicted. lol. Like a art fam. Well, Thanks for reading and following our virtual life and real life updates. kisses

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The real and surreal balance

Fan Alert: Who has a twitter?

Ok, i did good to survive the FB stages of open and close. The final open was done early in 2011 and still open. The social is for close peeps, IMVU and misc. Thats for Lezlie and China.

Myyearbook does Imagepretty good and myspace is smooth sailing, along with IMVU. Another fav. social of mine besides the ones mentioned is twitter.

Twitter is the fastest, easiest, and most popular social, i think besides FB.

All walks of life use it and u can keep up with any celebrity, their fan clubs, any topic, inspirations, and so on. Its fast updates as well. Most social nets, try to copy the stream style but i feel the veteran of this stream will always be twitter, the one that started it. Unofficial but true. My first twitter was OnlineDrLeZ. We use three for everything, home life, home office, and virtual business work. (This is an optional alert, designed for those (fans) who would like more frequent updates and news, then given in our regular casting per season)




Take care peeps, blessing everyone.

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Whats Current with Mia (2012)

Hey Mia and LDM peeps.

welcome back to our blogcast of updates and misc. news.

Whats new and current with Mia?

This week (See also YG blogcast), has been a balance of office, estudio, and work projects in general.
but its always the same routine and silent question, “What about Mia”

So as of yesterday, i do have and test the Mia Server for Open Sims (OS), its suppose to run like any other server, 24/7. So for day 2, i am adjusting too having the server going. This edition of Mia has yet to be grid mode but the concept of it being ongoing mode, is a step in the right direction.

Next, is testing the avatars: Mia Jonita and Leslie Moore, for tech, inventory, personalization, landscaping, and the vodcast.

My goal, is to vodcast during the final stages of Mia’s grand opening. We also plan to update our computer lab, within the next two seasons of Mia building and testing.

thanks for tuning in fan and peeps.

LDM Inc and Mia Jonita (Virtual World Engineering and tech) Management.

Happy Cyber Monday 2011

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Happy Cyber Monday 2011

Well, peeps. Happy Cyber Monday for this yr 2011.

For Cyber Monday, we keep it simple, especially for out world campus life, as we build as IT and Cisco techs for the virtual world of Mia Jonita Resorts. If u are new or not up to date, Mia Jonita was designed during the last season of our Podcast Radio of itunes, platform gcast and garageband. Gcast is now ilike, they also partnered with myspace, a lil before hand.

For LDM, we gave a proper retirement like the pros, this was just by serendipity. We had made it to 50k fans per summer stats of 2008 and 2009 and now we have increased to 250k per year; of 2011. (that’s summer and fall stats.)
As we increase, we appreciate u all, within our blogcasts and vodcasts.

For Cyber Monday, we are promoting a re-release single in YG, the Yogi Goddess of LDM Inc. and Depts. Catch the YG blogs today.

Thanks and Much blessings.