Preparing to move

Welcome to♥ MIA Oceanside Asian Style♥ Hotel.


▄▄▄ ✰New Sales & Social✰ ▄▄▄

-December 2018
-Estate Sale – Happy Holidays, Geomort (16, 89, 69) – Adult

♥ MIA Oceanside Asia♥
♥ Former Hotel/Condo/Yoga Dorm
♥ Estate Relocation Sale. Size: 2672m
♥ Estate Price: $30k Lindens


Mia Estates in Secondlife


MIA Oceanside Asia


~☻A Hotel/Condo/Yoga Dorm~

12 floors, 2-3 bd, 1 ba (optional) rentals. $450 or $850 Weekly. Ocean Sexy View on Higher FLs. Tenant Yoga Rm for 13th FL. ~See Front Desk ~Info Given per RM & Prims Flex. Zen Office/Village Next Door.

♥Hotel instructions 4♥

Welcome to♥ MIA Oceanside Asian Style♥ Hotel. Slowly this hotel is becoming a full functioning resort. Designed for travel, work, or vacation stay up to a month. Min Stay time is 24hrs/1 day. Max stay is 1 month. Our rooms are carefully designed for comfort and the beach scene, however this does vary per floor. Rent prices are $450 weekly to $850 weekly for high rise/penthouse rooms. Currently our 13th floor, the penthouse is being remodeled into a comfortable Yoga lounge room free for hotel residents.

(You also have to see the sky view of our hotel, its very sleek and modern.)

Once you witness the size and view its very easy to forget you have other rooms available for complete relaxation. I know from traveling myself and designing each room layout for our hotel.

I love traveling road routes, Resorts, or Seasonal Photography sims.

The elevator is divided into two sections, please select your rooms carefully. This also divides the price and view of our rooms.

We are still working on developing our hotel luxury for your travel needs. We want you to forget your SL cares, worries, stress, and issues during your stay.

I fused 4 estates together, 1 large and 3 small sims. ​Our office headquarters is next door now a Japanese Temple with a roof top for my Therapy Zen Yoga. Similar to our older office layout but more comfortable.

If you need anything please im me. I will post an *online board* to page me. I check in daily, recently afternoons to dinner hrs. It does depend per season for RL.

→ 10/28-I am not hosting a prim counter and joining group is optional for hotel or event updates vs using local chat only.

So as we expand land around the hotel/office, it helps the residents use more prims. Default saids 5/10. An older note. 20 prims min is a start.

→ Please be prim smart for other residents on busy days/weeks. Otherwise i am very flexible. New addition is our Yoga Office Lawn or Asian Park.

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Web Design ft WordPress & Wix


Never underestimate Wix:
Did you know wix designs in ebay will sell or auction for up to $800.00. Some wix sites measure $400k to $3 million dollars. I know, i own them.
So never underestimate the web host based on format that’s similar to WordPress. Some designers make a full living as graphic web designers for WordPress templates.

– China of Mia Corp, Web Designer, Virtual Biz Expert


Morning News by LDM Inc. admin.

Blogcast topic: Morning News By LDM admin
Blogcasts: Merchantcircle and wordpress
Depts: LDM Inc Ft. Mia Jonita and Art news
Models: YG and Chinastar news

hey all

Thanks for rolling in,
and you all are doing well for this Mo.
we have more peeps like the old Mia days.
The stats drop doing holidays thou…



and for updates

i made a list below

    • Working for its season, (Winter Art) LDM Digital updates are right on time. I am working on the LDM studio for promoting the Digital Artist Editor Service and also the Tantra (*Most of our art is Tantra. Tantra is an ext of our Yoga study over the last 10 yrs. Its a hard field to updates for Media, we are High Volume for any vods, blogs and art. Next will be fundraising) and Fine Art Sales site. I was concerned it would only be 3D and for Second Life but its working for, external sites, right on time. Due to the schedule, office delays, i slow down my high speed (i call it the get it done project speed), Both sites should be ready before March and close to early feb or sooner. We will present the main sites and blogs, some of you may have lost track of. (we have several i may need to draft this out for you all later, hmmmm. I think so) This dept is admin by Yogi Goddess and Chinastar for direction. Most of the art is 3D, i am fusing my real pics slow, it worked for YG, yrs ago, the basic promo posters. Ft in Danceplug and others.
    • Tech: Tech has slowed down for this reason but so it was last yr. I am building the Base and foundation needed for a smooth flowing tech database center (standard Remote voffice) for no issues later. This makes tech part time from full time the first two yrs. Updates are from the Sr Tech, Not myself but the CEO2, This includes speed, more memory, virtual memory, New Monitor, est. we are lacking still, a new laptop for studio in general and going into music, est. Our old laptop was for files only by Nov. and retired in Dec, we spilled water in it, and during tech updates to the performance computer. A sign? So a new one will be on the list. I am so grateful for my Sr Tech. HE needs a service list site eventually, he builds computers from scratch and fixes them. High Networking techer.
  • HR: we are not hiring but will save resumes for other depts, resumes are sent to Mia email/inbox.

Thats all for now,

-Thanks for tuning in to the Morning News by LDM inc. Admin.-



Whats Current with Mia (2012)

Hey Mia and LDM peeps.

welcome back to our blogcast of updates and misc. news.

Whats new and current with Mia?

This week (See also YG blogcast), has been a balance of office, estudio, and work projects in general.
but its always the same routine and silent question, “What about Mia”

So as of yesterday, i do have and test the Mia Server for Open Sims (OS), its suppose to run like any other server, 24/7. So for day 2, i am adjusting too having the server going. This edition of Mia has yet to be grid mode but the concept of it being ongoing mode, is a step in the right direction.

Next, is testing the avatars: Mia Jonita and Leslie Moore, for tech, inventory, personalization, landscaping, and the vodcast.

My goal, is to vodcast during the final stages of Mia’s grand opening. We also plan to update our computer lab, within the next two seasons of Mia building and testing.

thanks for tuning in fan and peeps.

LDM Inc and Mia Jonita (Virtual World Engineering and tech) Management.

Japan Awareness…

I know, for sum,

You have issues, debts, work related, family, or larger problems of your own,

You cannot even imagine, tracking or connecting with Japan, you disconnect, detach, and try to go about your usual world.

However…if you catch the national news and images,

Japan’s Courage, Strength, and Sense of Community, will alter and change your daily world.

Japan is humble and patient, in the middle of complete horror….

So far, We get our News updates from, (Ch.7 Coverage)

Mia and LDM Builder Sites


 LDM and Mia Builder & Campus Websites (Tech Site List):


2. (2011 Registration)





7. (LDM Recording Studio, Yogi Goddess)

 *Mia Jonita Resort and Campus, for Accounts, vCurrency, and in World Log in, is under construction for Tech.

Mia Winter and Spring

Tech Update for Feb./March. 2011

1. Hello all fans, of LDM, YG, Mia and basically, virtual worlds in general.

2. Besides, Yoga, Music Beatz, and publishing, one of our favorite genres is Virtual Worlds and 3D Animation.

3. Digital 3D Art, Animation, and Virtual World interests; are what separate us from the traditional social to advance social.

4. For Mia, we are however; at a pause or stop sign in development. We are taking our time to slow down and learn the database system,

on our recent company web server for LDM and Mia; from fall 2010.

5. We are always seeking more ways to integrate, add new applications, and learn about other open sims creations as well.

6. For The Mia Jonita Beta, we will save that world for the learning of OS 0.7.

7. For us, we are still learning OS 0.6 to give us a start and aid our first year as developers and creators.

8. Soon, we will be vodcasting and fund raising for our Mia Jonita Campus, a new and different grid from the Beta.

The Beta will also use new release-0.7 Regions. The Situation: all was well, we are testing grid,

and a new integration went wrong or was going to take too long. The integration almost worked. So, we have a Mia Campus Grid to work on.

9. We appreciate everyone for following Mia Jonita and YG (Yogi Goddess) related topics online.

10. If you are brand new, tuning in; do welcome. We are speaking of this platform: “OpenSimulator is an open source multi-platform, multi-user 3D application server. It can be used to create a virtual environment (or world)”


Contacting Mia and Board

Mia Memo, Feb. 2011

  1. Mia Socials, again; are twitter and myspace.
  2. These accounts and profiles are used for news, memos, gallery and basic updates; for the fan connection and awareness.
  3. These accounts serve as information centers, very similar to our Mia Jonita Websites of yola, wix, and weebly.
  4. For Mia Campus Contact, please use our Headquarters and Studio emails.
  5. We do not advise, using the inbox of our myspace or twitter direct mailing. Social Inboxes collect too much spam and are never checked.
  6. We get anywhere from 200 to 500 emails per day, or 1000 per day for the practitioner inbox.
  7. As a Virtual world, this is all considered; Off Site or out world communications. 
  8. In World Communications will be worked on in tech for all visitors and residence use. Examples: IM chats, emails, and group notices.
  9. The Studio and EDU depts are similar, profiles do vary for other depts and profile user names. However; note we do allow IMVU profile emails, and inboxes are checked daily or more.
  10. On busy tech and studio days, thanks so much for your patience, as our schedules get hectic.
  11. For all emails and inboxes that apply, we do not accept spam and spam will be deleted in bulks.
  12. We do try to scan all emails before careful group deletions. This secures all depts, including friends, alerts, invoicing and accounting.

Thanks Fans and peeps.