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LDM Yoga, Web Series

Animation (VR) Shorts

By LDM Mia Corp

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– ©Love and Divinity In Motion (LDM) ©Yoga University, (HQ) ©LDM Mia Chapel, (HQ) ©YGoddess Temple, ©LDM Mia Corp, Dearborn, 48120 MI USA

– ©By (Rev Dr) Leslie M Moore, Metaphysician, Tantra Goddess, Life Coach, Yoga ND.

Syllabus Overview:

Satellite eHeadquarters, About US:

Bio 2: A Virtual Reality (VR) Expert within 3D, Animation, & Simulation. Projects Feature Photography and Yoga. A Goddess Biz building my Dynasty.

“…Yoga is a journey A Process. I can assist as i am taught but my learning is ongoing. At times PPL want the Red Pill, The Matrix, That it Lifestyle, The Health Miracles. Noooo i cannot give your that, its a choice, a path. I am your Teacher and Guide to the path or once you find it.” – Lez Michelle/China

-Career History and Development: The Headquarters,Love and Divinity in Motion (LDM); {Founder Leslie ‘Michelle’ Moore} became a podcast radio in 2008-2010 for itunes. Most of the fans were Europe and Asia only, until recently; USA via Reverbnation. In 2009, The Beatz were developed under Alter ego Yogi Goddess, a branch of Middle name; Michelle (and Chinastar, childhood Name).

-Y.G. is another ego & department of LDM for Music and Related projects. YG is designed for special work shifts and 3D Studios. As a Company, almost Corp in Divisions; LDM and YG (China) are listed in several social networks and blogging news.

Under Construction

By Mia Jonita Studios // EST. 2005

*A Private Yoga School at Affordable Prices

What’s Trending in VR.

During the past 12 months The World of Virtual Reality (VR) is secretly making a comeback.

What was considered a passing hobby; has fused with Art, education, business, social, and technology expansions.

This is a perk for all virtual worlds as well.


Expanding to Yoga readers and Our Blogs – 2019.

New Produced Shows:

LDM Yoga (2019), Goddess Beatz (2019)

4. Yoga Website: 12/5/18- We are now located at: https://miaandldm.weebly.com

5. Yoga Office Daily Tweets: https://mobile.twitter.com/OnlineDrLeZ

6. Yoga/Home office Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chelleofsl/

7. LDM Recording Studio & Fans: https://www.reverbnation.com/yogigoddess

LDM Yoga:

A New Web Series of shorts by LDM Mia Corp. and Kindle Author Leslie M. Moore. Animation takes place in Secondlife Virtual Reality. Features our model staff Roleplay (RP) Story and Hatha Yoga teachings. Certified in Yoga and Holistic Health. Music by Yogi Goddess (LDM), Secondlife Estates, and tune features.

To get started: https://ygchina.pivotshare.com

For quick assistance use our ‘Channel banners’ to get started. Shows are grouped into collection categories as well.

For Free Doc visit: https://www.slideshare.net/YogaPrincess/ldm-yoga-web-series

secondlife postcard 6
secondlife postcard 6

Blogger updates

Re-post. (See New Pages for Fan Alerts)

My (Fan) Blogger news:

10/16, 6:50p

Wow, Everyone. it feels like the podcast days right now. In mins, i see twitter checkin in and google search ppl, via my loyal Vet fans thx. I do shortcut Mia (Mia Jonita Resorts) a lot but the Tech and gaming dept has merged and divided into depts, so i will organize and update the recent news.


Mia Jonita Resorts/LDM-Mia Corp
Professional Gamer, VR/3D Expert
home office2_003

DNA and the work place

Our fam is so diverse
like the fan club and projects

On mom’s side,

  •     Mom is the real Jonita of Mia Jonita Resorts. The Silent Partner and reps the Mia Avatar model


Here is our real DNA broken down. The parallel is, it matches our fan club completely.
I have to do my own test to include my Fathers Side,
but the DNA test was done by my auntie, (Mothers Sister).
Starts a New tradition but i must say, for the Nerds only.

  • Nerdy humor there.


  •     Mixed Race: African Cherokee American. European Asian Ancestry.


  •     Mixed Race: (Primary) African Cherokee American. (Researched) European Asian Ancestry.

too cool


Thanks everyone. (Blog stats)

This is only for u all, our faith fans.

A review of your fellow peeps, other fans like yourselves,

peeking in to visit and see LDM from a far.

We have more updates soon,

now for our stats Continue reading “Thanks everyone. (Blog stats)”

Wishing all Mom’s a Happy Mothers Day (ft. Mia memo)

Just in case, i miss you all for the weekend, 

here in our blogcast(s);

Wishing all Mom’s a Happy Mothers Day.
Hope u all have fun and enjoy your special day and weekend.
For Michigan, It may rain one day and be sunny for the Momz.
My mom, is also, Business partner, of Mia Jonita Resorts. She allows me to use her middle name; “Jonita”. Also, she gave tons of advise and suggestions for yrs 2010-2011. For this yr, she roots for us to open by 2013.
The vmodel looks just like her.
I will be operating 3 avatars, 
  • Mia Jonita, Leslie Moore, and the Banker Avatar.

too fun.
Later Peeps.

LDM and Mia, ft. The Mia Weather forecast

Welcome to our friday regular blogcast for LDM and Mia

we will also post this for other blogs for the Co., just so etravelors can have an current update.

A board tradition,
is i do a random search check of any fan posted news on ea. dept, from Yogi Goddess, Leslie M. Moore, Love and Divinity In Motion, SLE, Starlight Enterprises, and especially Mia Jonita.

I saw interesting sites on searching the Mia Weather, searching the Mia location, est.

We appreciate the real and surreal realities out there, for the web world.

but for in world, once we open and are public….

our world is parallel to Second Life, the veteran world (china as Tigerlily as visitor) but in open sims.

U will control your view of the weather and environment, when u are visiting, traveling, or being a regular resident.

stay tuned, and wish us luck, as we build mia, tech yr 2.

PS-Mia’s Bday anniversary was moved from June 21 (of 2010), to July 4th. June 21 is Bday for two family members and Second Life Bday Anniversary. Too funny.

kisses and hugs.

Love LDM and Mia depts? Join our spots

We have added ourselves to ‘Fan Pop’,

we are both fans and hosting new spots. see info below. thanks.

Fan pop sites.

1. http://www.fanpop.com/fans/ldmadminuser2
2. http://www.fanpop.com/spots/yogi-goddess
3. http://www.fanpop.com/spots/chinastar-tigerlily
4.) http://www.fanpop.com/spots/leslie-michelle-moore

Whatz New this week. (Pre-Holidayz)

Whatz New this week. (Pre-Holidayz)

Hello all and welcome to our blogcast.
We appreciate again, all blogcast, readercast, and vodcast fans.

This week, we are working in the LDM Digital Studio Dept.
catch pic updates in our Studio and Gallery Sites.

Last weekend, we did get sum tech done in Mia Jonita. So a vodcast and new picture gallery will be in the works for if not This yr ending, For Jan. 2012.

* http://ldmandmia.daportfolio.com/
* http://www.koinup.com/ygimvu/

Catch u all later.
Happy Holiday Season.
LDM Inc and Mia Jonita Management.

Mia Digital Status and News

Hello all reader cast fans and international peeps.
We appreciate u all, social and blog audience.
We ended our former radio on news, so this works to catch fans up, on a daily, weekly basis.
Something passed on from Podcast Radio.

(If u are brand new, our Radio is now retired and re-runs in itunes)

In Social, sharing related updates.

1. still working on mia tech. an ongoing process for virtual world building. however. i fell in love with Digital Art, Digital Pics and 3D Photography.

2. To see my genre in the field of Pro Photography for Mia is a luxury and blessing. This gives us other ways of art appreciation and enjoying mia.

3. Our Gallery can be found in koinup. But we will be updating mainstream pro sites where our art is a category.
Thats all for now, we appreciate u all at Mia and LDM.

Thanks for stopping by

Part I. Mia Economy and Community

Mia Jonita Virtual Economy and Community The Financial Blueprint of:

Part 1. In World and Out World.

A). Similar to most virtual worlds, its makes good sense to make purchases with your virtual money versus with your USD or other converted Currency.

B). As we build the Mia technology and basic foundations of the resort, we will also be alert to the Governance and Economy of In World and Out.

C). Rarely, do Virtual Worlds, function additional services and products, for out world. This, however; is done by the creative minds of the Resident and users of the Community. Recently, you will catch the encouragement of Worlds, suggesting more profiles or public pages for your Avatar Social. Almost an approval to or for those on pioneer 3D paths. There are many ways to represent your avatar.

1. Realistic, Matching You in the real world. Classic when people want the “real you” then they see how your avatar is you. Those picture comparations are always perfect and actually cool to see. Good promotion for new Residents, Users, or fans. Good for Business Meetings or Class.

2. Surreal, Fantasy, When you would like to travel, paradise vacation, experience, and seek worlds or places only in fiction dream form. An exhale to the real working you.

3. or a combination of both, a balance we use in LDM Inc. Both are used per calendar event, holiday, project, or vodcast. D). Therefore, planning for LDM is a unique journey. We are intergrated Real and Surreal already via exported Avatars and Vodcast Collections. We do encourage, as FYI; the same for Mia Jonita’s future residents and users. However, we are still trying to categorized the out world, as we build in world. As an Organization, We are also a Company of Mind, Body and Spirit. Popular in ebooks, reader cast, and audio media classes. Then include our Campus Music Lounge, the Promotion of YG, Yogi Goddess….

more coming soon, thanks everyone.