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Honestly Spring Pandemic life

Spring Pandemic life: My days and nights are longer. I grow more tired. I hold back complaints. I pause then correct my feedback, replies, anger, spit fire. I do have moments. (No i aint tired at 45 yrs old. I am 27 chi. Woooo-Doggie😒😜☺️) But it works. It helps to pause and think twice. Yes … Continue reading Honestly Spring Pandemic life

My Condolences (Covid, Past-Present)

My condolences to those who lost or losing lives (2020-21) To Covid or The Vaccines. Your pain is regarded. You are not alone. You are not ignored. But We are at times disconnected. ✍🏾Welcome Readers, LOYALZ, and FAM. 🌹- Blogger: 2k-4k Monthly Readers-Internationally ❣- WordPress: 250-270 New Followers ⛩A Psychedelic, Therapy Brand & Gamer.🌺https://linktr.ee/LDMMIA45 New … Continue reading My Condolences (Covid, Past-Present)


Once upon a time, in 2010…

LDM opened another dept called Mia J. Resorts. This dept was gaming tech and designed to open a VR world in OS/www.opensimulator.org
However this took yrs of game programming, skills, and technology way beyond our tech. Eventually we transferred from the grand opening in OS to Art in Standalone. This was during the yr 2016. However even then our tech failed in windows updates causing a closer. We had to archive a both an E and T drive for many yrs with my SR Tech. Through his moves ft recently his new house (My Brother), he kept me posted on tech upgrades. He works volunteer so i stay patient.

However as a (Xmas) gift, I do have expanded tech and my old drives.
So guess what, Of course i tested Mia in OS standalone. SHE RUNS. Thats sum progress.

to be cont. in Tech News (Dept Mia Tech2, laptop)

Photographer, Game Artist, Media Investor


LDM Yoga, Web Series


LDM Yoga, Web Series

Animation (VR) Shorts

By LDM Mia Corp

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– ©By (Rev Dr) Leslie M Moore, Metaphysician, Tantra Goddess, Life Coach, Yoga ND.

Syllabus Overview:

Satellite eHeadquarters, About US:

Bio 2: A Virtual Reality (VR) Expert within 3D, Animation, & Simulation. Projects Feature Photography and Yoga. A Goddess Biz building my Dynasty.

“…Yoga is a journey A Process. I can assist as i am taught but my learning is ongoing. At times PPL want the Red Pill, The Matrix, That it Lifestyle, The Health Miracles. Noooo i cannot give your that, its a choice, a path. I am your Teacher and Guide to the path or once you find it.” – Lez Michelle/China

-Career History and Development: The Headquarters,Love and Divinity in Motion (LDM); {Founder Leslie ‘Michelle’ Moore} became a podcast radio in 2008-2010 for itunes. Most of the fans were Europe and Asia only, until recently; USA via Reverbnation. In 2009, The Beatz were developed under Alter ego Yogi Goddess, a branch of Middle name; Michelle (and Chinastar, childhood Name).

-Y.G. is another ego & department of LDM for Music and Related projects. YG is designed for special work shifts and 3D Studios. As a Company, almost Corp in Divisions; LDM and YG (China) are listed in several social networks and blogging news.

Under Construction

By Mia Jonita Studios // EST. 2005

*A Private Yoga School at Affordable Prices

What’s Trending in VR.

During the past 12 months The World of Virtual Reality (VR) is secretly making a comeback.

What was considered a passing hobby; has fused with Art, education, business, social, and technology expansions.

This is a perk for all virtual worlds as well.


Expanding to Yoga readers and Our Blogs – 2019.

New Produced Shows:

LDM Yoga (2019), Goddess Beatz (2019)

4. Yoga Website: 12/5/18- We are now located at: https://miaandldm.weebly.com

5. Yoga Office Daily Tweets: https://mobile.twitter.com/OnlineDrLeZ

6. Yoga/Home office Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chelleofsl/

7. LDM Recording Studio & Fans: https://www.reverbnation.com/yogigoddess

LDM Yoga:

A New Web Series of shorts by LDM Mia Corp. and Kindle Author Leslie M. Moore. Animation takes place in Secondlife Virtual Reality. Features our model staff Roleplay (RP) Story and Hatha Yoga teachings. Certified in Yoga and Holistic Health. Music by Yogi Goddess (LDM), Secondlife Estates, and tune features.

To get started: https://ygchina.pivotshare.com

For quick assistance use our ‘Channel banners’ to get started. Shows are grouped into collection categories as well.

For Free Doc visit: https://www.slideshare.net/YogaPrincess/ldm-yoga-web-series

secondlife postcard 6
secondlife postcard 6

Mia Estates in Secondlife


MIA Oceanside Asia


~☻A Hotel/Condo/Yoga Dorm~

12 floors, 2-3 bd, 1 ba (optional) rentals. $450 or $850 Weekly. Ocean Sexy View on Higher FLs. Tenant Yoga Rm for 13th FL. ~See Front Desk ~Info Given per RM & Prims Flex. Zen Office/Village Next Door.

♥Hotel instructions 4♥

Welcome to♥ MIA Oceanside Asian Style♥ Hotel. Slowly this hotel is becoming a full functioning resort. Designed for travel, work, or vacation stay up to a month. Min Stay time is 24hrs/1 day. Max stay is 1 month. Our rooms are carefully designed for comfort and the beach scene, however this does vary per floor. Rent prices are $450 weekly to $850 weekly for high rise/penthouse rooms. Currently our 13th floor, the penthouse is being remodeled into a comfortable Yoga lounge room free for hotel residents.

(You also have to see the sky view of our hotel, its very sleek and modern.)

Once you witness the size and view its very easy to forget you have other rooms available for complete relaxation. I know from traveling myself and designing each room layout for our hotel.

I love traveling road routes, Resorts, or Seasonal Photography sims.

The elevator is divided into two sections, please select your rooms carefully. This also divides the price and view of our rooms.

We are still working on developing our hotel luxury for your travel needs. We want you to forget your SL cares, worries, stress, and issues during your stay.

I fused 4 estates together, 1 large and 3 small sims. ​Our office headquarters is next door now a Japanese Temple with a roof top for my Therapy Zen Yoga. Similar to our older office layout but more comfortable.

If you need anything please im me. I will post an *online board* to page me. I check in daily, recently afternoons to dinner hrs. It does depend per season for RL.

→ 10/28-I am not hosting a prim counter and joining group is optional for hotel or event updates vs using local chat only.

So as we expand land around the hotel/office, it helps the residents use more prims. Default saids 5/10. An older note. 20 prims min is a start.

→ Please be prim smart for other residents on busy days/weeks. Otherwise i am very flexible. New addition is our Yoga Office Lawn or Asian Park.

▄▄▄ ♥Map Info ▄▄▄


▄▄▄ ✰Social & Yoga Site✰ ▄▄▄




LDM joins SL (vnews and voffice)

Hello Mia peeps

As i social, study, and rent in SL (Second Life)

I notice, the real schools are similar to ours but in world.

Everything is within the digital tools of SL and self serve.

For connections, SL residents/business/schools, will encourage joining the groups for updates,
parallel, to our Casting system of readers, blogs, and vods.

So i would say, we match both SL and OS.

For Open Sims, we are building mia slow and careful.
The focal point of the summer is backups and real estate work
Then in fall, the database connection, grids, est.
Finaly stages will be in baby steps but we will be in IMVU and SL for 3D extentions to our Campus

We are building the Campus slow and it will be home office of SL, until we buy land and grow.
Imagine in Mia, we have land (5 islands) but we have to tech and govt.
SL Real Estate: the joint use of Mia connecting to SL ‘main’ grid is possible but not a mainstream popular code (?) or instruction listing in studies, so we are ‘still on the schedule’ to open independent and (data) code to grid mode. (Open Sim islands of SL, open sims are listed on the SL map and transfers but a rare thing.) By the time we open, fans, students, Board staff (Virtual or remote new hires), will have the full option to connect to SL or OS for Mia. T
This also will benefit the new staff for mia in the future or this yr for Second Life. We are currently not hiring but resumes are filed annual. Paychecks will be in L. for Second Life. The perk is, L dollars can be exchanged, one of the easiest exchanges i have seen in virtual world economy. It would take Mia Jonita 1-2 yrs to get to SL level on that one. Most worlds create partner options instead.

thanks and stay tuned.

-by Chinastar, YG Weekend Tech Volunteer and Social Mgt Dept
Love and Divinity In Motion, Mia Jonita Resorts, SLE Starlight Enterprises of Detroit, LDM Human Resources (HR)-

Happy Monday. YG Repost Ft. Tech Updates….

A Repost of YG Blogcast, Ft. Tech updates

Welcome to the blogcast this week.
For me, today is monday.

Over the weekend, i have been planning and organizing Home and voffice.

I also do norm fan stats to see where we are, and i appreciate all international fans in all blogs.

Do stay tuned,

  • we are trying to: study SL (Second Life time, the basics, even visit sum in world classes this summer), manage more (increase is needed, my issue from winter) Tech hrs (OS, Open Sim) or do *Midnites or late nites, also cont. to manage day shifts of Home office the main hrs or home and admins. duties (our default)., and jump start the vods and fundraiser….phew….i need speed and chi energy. we will see.
  • Tech Updates:
  • We are researching ways to expand from standalone to grid. Our version of OS is 0.7.2, we were stuck on the 0.6.9, wow-that one was a killer. grateful for it as a starter (and our Mia Beta Art came from it, still promoted) but was crazy stuck-phew.
  • …The version we are using now for Mia Resorts, has a New Grid/Robust i have to personalize conf for Mia. Its all experimental and open to edits. More every yr, i love the opportunity of being in Both SL and the Open Sim communities. Usually in the OS community we all have so much in common and are usually parallel twins or on the same paths/interests.
  • I appreciate all international fans. I love seeing where u are from. I would love fan mail but we do not have the system for it now, maybe after we fundraise and expand,
  • …this way the home office will not go mad crazy but have the proper building office or rental/lease suite. Thats the yrs plan, really a plan from 2010-2011 for this yr actually. We are slowly sticking to the schedule for expansion. It will remote, effect everyone for the best, fans included.
  • But, i did catch a map from our other mia blog of the fan locations…too cool, i want to export it or doc it for updates.
  • The tech version of tracking fans, are done best in virtual worlds, like IMVU and Second Life. It is important for the office and sub mind of the fan users, also it aids variety and etravels/creations, est., for in world. the Unlimited.
  • ok…thats all for now, kisses and love

    LDM, YG, and Mia Management

Happy Tuesday-voffice update

Happy Tuesday-Office Update

Hello and welcome back to our blogcast, we appreciate all of our readers at LDM and Mia J.

This week for the end of may, is all about organizing and prep work. I have learned its about organizing projects, the environment (voffice/remote office), the project filing (efiles/accts) est.

We are also building credit and fund raising for the new fiscal dept, Mia tech, and Preparing for the new season-summer.

We will be in touch, updating you via remote and executive, all updates about LDM and Mia.

I do try to update the active and older websites of LDM and Mia real slowly,
however; you all know to tune in by readercast, blogcast, or vodcast. the 3 cast/casting systems. i will start calling it.

Thanks everyone.

LDM and Mia Jonita Management.

catch this also in other blogs of LDM and Mia. Ft. the merchantcircle.