Once upon a time, in 2010…

LDM opened another dept called Mia J. Resorts. This dept was gaming tech and designed to open a VR world in OS/www.opensimulator.org
However this took yrs of game programming, skills, and technology way beyond our tech. Eventually we transferred from the grand opening in OS to Art in Standalone. This was during the yr 2016. However even then our tech failed in windows updates causing a closer. We had to archive a both an E and T drive for many yrs with my SR Tech. Through his moves ft recently his new house (My Brother), he kept me posted on tech upgrades. He works volunteer so i stay patient.

However as a (Xmas) gift, I do have expanded tech and my old drives.
So guess what, Of course i tested Mia in OS standalone. SHE RUNS. Thats sum progress.

to be cont. in Tech News (Dept Mia Tech2, laptop)

Photographer, Game Artist, Media Investor


Mia Tech and Vi…

Mia Tech and Virtual Worlds: In the mist of a busy summer, home life, home office, music projects ongoing, art, virtual world, life, est. est…. I am updating Mia of Open Sim platform, slowly. For updates: i do want to start with the art of the lands we have so far. I am also observing the activity of Virtual Worlds in general. I have a team member of the board, my CEO II; he games traditional for video games, while i prefer Virtual World. He mentioned, how He feels most ppl these days are leaving the virtual for real life. If true, then thats a decrease for SL and other worlds. Hmmmmm. I noticed an issue: when i try to sell my SL land and I had 100 hits and no sale (ebay). I could not find the right SL buyer for my estate. As if i had to promote for a season or several? pure how i felt. Its down to trends and research, Virtual worlds serve many other purposes, not just residential traditional. I love my Virtual worlds but to lose ppl, slowly; is not good. I am so glad, that we still have our Mia fans. My CEO II agreed on that. thats all. -YG, Mia Jonita, LDM-

SL news in Short, Ft LDM Inc


SL news in short

I am seeing a lot from the eyes of a SL resident



seeking ways to cont. in tech for mia jonita of Open Sim

I decided for Mia=To return to school for Graphics, 3D, Gaming Production, and minor as well

For SL= I am wondering the same things as a veteran, being i started SL,


the first avatar; ‘Firecaster’ in 2007-2009,


‘Chinastar’ is from 2010 and i moved perm in 2012.


Issues are arising and it makes me wonder, whats norm and whats effected by the recession and out world economy?



Thats all peeps

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Morning News by LDM Inc. admin.

Blogcast topic: Morning News By LDM admin
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Models: YG and Chinastar news

hey all

Thanks for rolling in,
and you all are doing well for this Mo.
we have more peeps like the old Mia days.
The stats drop doing holidays thou…



and for updates

i made a list below

    • Working for its season, (Winter Art) LDM Digital updates are right on time. I am working on the LDM studio for promoting the Digital Artist Editor Service and also the Tantra (*Most of our art is Tantra. Tantra is an ext of our Yoga study over the last 10 yrs. Its a hard field to updates for Media, we are High Volume for any vods, blogs and art. Next will be fundraising) and Fine Art Sales site. I was concerned it would only be 3D and for Second Life but its working for, external sites, right on time. Due to the schedule, office delays, i slow down my high speed (i call it the get it done project speed), Both sites should be ready before March and close to early feb or sooner. We will present the main sites and blogs, some of you may have lost track of. (we have several i may need to draft this out for you all later, hmmmm. I think so) This dept is admin by Yogi Goddess and Chinastar for direction. Most of the art is 3D, i am fusing my real pics slow, it worked for YG, yrs ago, the basic promo posters. Ft in Danceplug and others.
    • Tech: Tech has slowed down for this reason but so it was last yr. I am building the Base and foundation needed for a smooth flowing tech database center (standard Remote voffice) for no issues later. This makes tech part time from full time the first two yrs. Updates are from the Sr Tech, Not myself but the CEO2, This includes speed, more memory, virtual memory, New Monitor, est. we are lacking still, a new laptop for studio in general and going into music, est. Our old laptop was for files only by Nov. and retired in Dec, we spilled water in it, and during tech updates to the performance computer. A sign? So a new one will be on the list. I am so grateful for my Sr Tech. HE needs a service list site eventually, he builds computers from scratch and fixes them. High Networking techer.
  • HR: we are not hiring but will save resumes for other depts, resumes are sent to Mia email/inbox.

Thats all for now,

-Thanks for tuning in to the Morning News by LDM inc. Admin.-



Catch updates for Mia tech in our twitter….

Mia Jonita (Creator)@miajonitaresort

issues off and on, with new updates and wireless. i just flow with it but back it up sum how. #studio #tech #miajonita


learning in updates, never toss the old, unless its broke and on ur nerves. otherwise u may need it when the new goes wacky. #tech

Hope everyone have a good new yr. 13. -LDM Recording, YG-



Weekend Tech

Hello and thanks for visiting.

  • For LDM Inc and Mia, we are updating tech slowly the performance comp.
  • working on finishing our two websites, One for Out World and the other for In World SL.

Thats all,

light and love

Love and Divinity, Mia Jonita Tech and Mgt