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Accounts Receivable for Campus
Spring Season 2011 for all departments and Seasons.

1. When it comes to Accounts Receivable, its a natural process for any business, online or off line. Like us, sometimes you can be accounts receivable without knowing it or really being financial aware. The term is used in accounting departments only.

2. Our Campus Is pretty quiet and via private sector based. As a Private School (and beyond), we want you all to still, understand the process of general

online business leading to online campus functions. This will help everyone to understand how the traditional departments of business and campus, functions online.

3. One problem we have, are some students or fans, believe that all of our work and courses are free. It really depends on the department, topic, date or season, schedule, and fan base in general. For example: Some Campus archives are free from our inventory, while others will remain the original retail value or higher if from a rare collection. Parallel, we keep a selection of free, affordable, to elite (valued) prices items.

4. I first discovered Sales and Customer Service, a few years after High School and keep in mine, i am class of 1994. The Sales world of yesterday and today, totals one thing. A Lot of people believe in sales myths. Items and Prices are valued by both the seller and customer. Meaning, If you price a service or program at 10k and allow it to sit while you let go and work on other projects or stores. Your item will not be de-valued or defaulted as a no sell. You can attract (business and law of attraction) over time or by your skill, the right target audience for that 10k service or item. This i saw for myself in the Virtual Community and read money courses in metaphysics. Two different fields confirmed each other. Its all in your target audience for business, and law of attraction for money metaphysics. So our issue is, people only see our universal compassion for those seeking free or affordable. We value all types, all fans, all customers, all clients. Think, “Business meets Metaphysical Money” its energy and awareness, preference and lifestyle.

Hope that helps. I will never forget in college, i received a free car and years later, gave it away for free. I did the pay it forward concept. I practice natural pay it forward for our EDU archives and general promotions. I have learned about both sales and money myths, u could say. If you have grown up or adjusted in adult life, to money madness, then you have a lot of de-programming to do because your reality has a default issue, if you are raised in nothing but wealth, then your adult life shows that belief system. this applies to your country, your state, your city, your family, your resume, est.

Do you know where our free programs are honored? Do you know where our affordable yoga is sold? Its really amazing stats and fan locations. Each country has a different perception and needs do vary. They may have a practitioner, teacher, or topic shortage. Also Each USA State and City, needs vary according to their environments, traditions, and current standards. Online, nothing is limited, and every career is needed. If you are limited in modern day, its your (fill in the blanks). Now imagine, how u can make adjustments for success.

Accounting Summary Conclusion:

Keep in mind; we have power to change, grow, mature, and create new paths. A money class in the making right. It applies to Accounting, administration, and management.

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Headquarters Money Lessons

Money Lessons from LDM:

  • When it comes to Money Prosperity, picture LDM Inc as being in our Bachelors of Science or Arts (BS/BA), Senior Year Status.
  • So, when it comes to teaching, life shows u the signs, the questions, and trendy topics.
  • People are seeking our Money Experience and Awareness early and we are not in teaching mode and just hitting the Final Exams.
  • But shorting for Winter or Spring 2011 Season, do expect LDM to issue, publish and teach more classes, lessons, vodcast lectures, and materials on Money Prosperity. Fees do apply. Vodcast Free, funds raised indirectly. Classes will be formatted for Visual and Reader Learning Styles.
  • LDM published a Money Meditation in 2008, still best seller for our Distance Education. Online Tuition Fee: $80.00
  • thats all, Happy Winter Season.


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Your Money, elesson and eGame

Money, Past, Present, and You make the future.

Understanding the Metaphysics


Money, like everything around us, is energy

Money is man made. Repeat after me, “My Money is Man Made. My Money is Man Made.” What does that mean, allow it to sink in. Imagine, we walk in a dream, fading in and out. We forget the basics and history.

So How was it designed? Whats the true value? Money is creation, its valued based on you and generations before you. Its a perception. A Shift. A Change, that can be changed. Changed by you, not a million factors and a million people. You are the control panel. You are the dashboard. Imagine you are a teacher, student, musician, artist, any career, thats relying on what? What are you basing your career on? Money? the past? the present? the future? Be grounded in who u are, not the dollar bill. That should be unlimited. Perceptions shift like magic, area to area, site to site, profile to profile, web to world. job to job. We are skipping the foundation, the magic, the karma, the unlimited.

(See our Money Classes for more)

So, Yes; Money is man made, but-under God, and often we forget the basic elements of such

Money was created by our Founding Fathers for Secular (Daily Science) and non Secular (Spiritual) means. This shows up, on the Dollar Bill itself.

Money, therefore; is like a charm, a crystal, non physical property made physical. Its was designed that way. Designed with meaning

Money has grown into the ultimate goal, the it, the trend, the ego, the status quo. We must ground and return to Metaphysical Basics

Money can be programmed. So, ignoring for a moment, your whole world, or traditional back drop. View money has tool, it comes from nothing. It comes from thoughts, intentions, deeds. It comes from yourself and those around you. It can be re-programmed at any time. No resentments, no blame, no anger, no stress, no strain. Imagine all of the issues, you have or have had; with money. Take those elements out, and what remains. It should appear easy, an like energy form. Formless, a blank slate, a blank painting.

So think for a moment, if you are lacking or without money, you must shift your ideas, mind program, and concepts. You must actually view your money issues and solve your problems in terms of Energy Awareness, Healing, Feng Shui, or Medicine. Your Questions will be: What is wrong with my Feng Shui, or my Chi?” Not.”What is wrong with my money?” Money is the end result of: (your creation or aided creations-other influences)