Quickie Mia n spring

hello  all passin fans.

we do get trolled at times, but we keep moving!

for  Mia,

our  tech status via  OS;


LDM and Mia Land

LDM and Mia Land

We have all Summer and Fall built Regions of the Mia Jonita World, being reserved for our Beta, Mia Jonita Resorts. Continue reading “LDM and Mia Land”

Late Dec Mia’s Tech

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http://twitter.com/miajonitaresort Continue reading “Late Dec Mia’s Tech”

YG, The Avatar, the World

Email: miajonitaresorts@inbox.com
Alternative: ldmrecordingstudio@inbox.com
Virtual Platform/Builder: Open Sims
What is Open Sims: Open Sims or OS is short for Open Simulator. This is a 3D Application Server, Used to create your own virtual world, similar to Second Life and others like it. Continue reading “YG, The Avatar, the World”