Behind the Yoga – Readers

Behind the Yoga – Readers
❤☆ Morning soon afternoon for me, in MI USA

☆Updates: Still working on our TANTRA Yoga Program. Done it w/class and ethics over extra explicit. It will be published in Amazon kindle and our shops for pck versions. Near the end for writing and details. ❤ ❤ ☆☆❤ ❤ ☆☆❤ ❤
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Goddess updates ft Bio

secondlife postcard 9
secondlife postcard 9


New (ft Old) Produced Shows:
LDM Yoga (2019), Goddess Beatz (2019)

LDM Yoga:
A New Web Series of shorts by LDM Mia Corp. and Kindle Author Leslie M. Moore. Animation takes place in Secondlife Virtual Reality. Features our model staff Roleplay (RP) Story and Hatha Yoga teachings…

‪🏖Summer Ending⛱: Our summer Projects were mostly LDM Yoga and Beatz. As a Studio, we have the Web Series Album Available. Its under *YogiGoddess of *LDMMia Recording. Follow Up: is Ambient Beatz and Season 2 by Winter, Thx.

Greatest Beatz – going live

Ldm Yoga Web Series
by Yogi Goddess
Release date:
Original Release Date:
LDM Mia Recording

Working on a Fantasy item for *ambient radio by September.
Our older popular beatz (Greatest hits) are available slow.
Itunes is currently available.



Updates coming soon for other stores. Radio will ft iheart and Pandora. CDs vary (Future releases)

Preparing to move

Welcome to♥ MIA Oceanside Asian Style♥ Hotel.


▄▄▄ ✰New Sales & Social✰ ▄▄▄

-December 2018
-Estate Sale – Happy Holidays, Geomort (16, 89, 69) – Adult

♥ MIA Oceanside Asia♥
♥ Former Hotel/Condo/Yoga Dorm
♥ Estate Relocation Sale. Size: 2672m
♥ Estate Price: $30k Lindens


Happy Friday

Was a warm fall day shocked😳😅.
Took a break late afternoon,
Dinner hrs and #SLphotography at: Erebos Harbor, Divine Corruption



🗺Erebos Travel Description: rentals, flickr, photography, blogger, romantic, couples, beach, nature, photos, hangout, #photogenic, meet, machinima

New Author Site

New Author Site
Bummer i had to go home for SL. For In world: I travel only seasonal and the beginning to end of a season just by schedules.

So i just finished updating my new Author Website. Very important for new and loyal fans. It makes things easier to network beyond our older sites i find.

A future topic, Digital assets. Every blog and site has money value. Even older sites i keep sometimes on value alone, otherwise reference or projects.

Copyright © 2018, ©LDM Yoga, ©Insatiable Studios, by ©Mia Jonita

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LDM @OnlineDrLeZ

LDM @OnlineDrLeZ
Meanwhile in LDM HQ

LDM (CGoddess) @OnlineDrLeZ #TeamCruise | Private-Assets: $3,498,344 | VR Media, Yogi Grad | Followed by verified: TomCruise, E Online, Myspace, Def Jam Recordings, Atlantic, Pam Grier, ET

SLife, Redford Det., to A2 MI

Joined May 2008 Born on May 3, 1976

-Lez/China #Blogging
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Behind UR Second Life

Behind UR Second Life
Meanwhile in Secondlife:

Where to begin…My experience in SL is from year 2010. I am now Model Generations 7/8. I host Two. I half work and travel in SL. Dating is dramatic via schedules or crazies and my projects get busy. But its a balancing act, daily/weekly. -Lez/China #Blogging
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