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secondlife postcard 9
secondlife postcard 9


New (ft Old) Produced Shows:
LDM Yoga (2019), Goddess Beatz (2019)

LDM Yoga:
A New Web Series of shorts by LDM Mia Corp. and Kindle Author Leslie M. Moore. Animation takes place in Secondlife Virtual Reality. Features our model staff Roleplay (RP) Story and Hatha Yoga teachings…

‪🏖Summer Ending⛱: Our summer Projects were mostly LDM Yoga and Beatz. As a Studio, we have the Web Series Album Available. Its under *YogiGoddess of *LDMMia Recording. Follow Up: is Ambient Beatz and Season 2 by Winter, Thx.

About LDM Yoga

Aligning Mind, Body, and Soul

​*Virtual & Online EDU*

Fan Origins

✿Career History and Development: The Headquarters, Love and Divinity in Motion (LDM); {Founder Leslie ‘Michelle’ Moore} became a podcast radio in 2008-2010 for itunes. Most of the fans were Europe and Asia only, until recently; USA has tuned in slowly. 2017-18: Our fans are now expanded to all parts of Europe and India.

New students, Get Started Here. No admissions required, classes under 100.00 (eClasses can also be found in Amazon Kindle.) Register an acct with Wiziq:

1. http://ldmstudio.wiziq.com/home

Happy Friday

Was a warm fall day shocked😳😅.
Took a break late afternoon,
Dinner hrs and #SLphotography at: Erebos Harbor, Divine Corruption



🗺Erebos Travel Description: rentals, flickr, photography, blogger, romantic, couples, beach, nature, photos, hangout, #photogenic, meet, machinima

2018: Freelance, Digital Assets, and Debt

11/3: reflections from my design and asset notes, sharing…

Note 5. 2018: Freelance, Digital Assets, and Debt: One perk to freelance income is; your paychecks and stubs are not ‘public record’ or ‘employment tracked’. You file your taxes like everyone else otherwise you get privacy. I have seen debts drive ppl crazy including myself (College & Grad) You cannot pay everything and everyone. Also letting debts hit the court system – let it. Let them file judgements. Scary i know. I honestly read it happens and don’t worry about it. Its the typical scare but you’re self employed. If you are not a W2 paycheck then pay those bills as you cash your ‘private assets’. Don’t worry and stress over old debts. Some debts old as twenty years will wake up and file judgements, from high school yrs to freshman undergraduate. Debt collectors don’t care. Your a number to them an incomplete file (i swear just picture it) They will eventually get their checks. Bill Settlements are flexible and reasonable otherwise ppl play hard ball. Just let them. Now the how is this: those digital and tech assets are real as any other. Those dollars are yours to track and bookkeep. Those digital numbers are streaming cash per project or (Home office) 9-5 hours. Just a bold reminder, all ages….

secondlife postcard35
secondlife postcard35



Web Design ft WordPress & Wix


Never underestimate Wix:
Did you know wix designs in ebay will sell or auction for up to $800.00. Some wix sites measure $400k to $3 million dollars. I know, i own them.
So never underestimate the web host based on format that’s similar to WordPress. Some designers make a full living as graphic web designers for WordPress templates.

– China of Mia Corp, Web Designer, Virtual Biz Expert